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*Poll* First time working tonight. Need help!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by nushaganazad, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. well guys. i just have a simple question on whether or not i should take this.

    i got a new job and tonight is my first night, it doesnt drug test unless they think ur using, i work 3rd shift, from 10-630 in the morning, and im tired as fuck, so Tims lil sis sarah said she would give me two adderrall XR 30's i was wondering on if i should take them or not for tonight, i unload trucks, think it will keep me going? or a bad idea? take 1 or 2
  2. Adderall is going to keep you going all-night, but it isn't worth the come-down to me. If you acting "normal" is a problem, don't worry about it. I can act better than normal on addies :D.
  3. i would avoid taking the addys at work for one very obvious reason:

    if this is your first day, theyre going to expect you to work that hard all the time. and that wouldnt be cool.
  4. dude adderall is a stimulant so if you need to stay awake, eat em!!!
  5. shit take half a 30..or youll be up all night
  6. Coffee will help just as well.
  7. Since this is your first day on the job, I would say don't do it. Get a feel for how things are run before going in high on anything. If you think you'll have trouble staying awake, take some no-doz.
  8. smoke a few bowls i do it all the time and I work at UPS. Makes time fly and my muscles less achy.
  9. I think you should get HIGH so that your boss thinks that's how you always act. Haha take the adderal AND smoke some weed, I don't know if anyone else has ever done this, but trust me, it's like a smaller version on being on e. It's reallll nice you get a reall good body high.
  10. Adderrall XR dosages are so strong. I lived off of them for a semester in college. I highly recommend you don't drink or smoke with them (they'll make you physically and emotionally wacky).

    P.S. don't use them for too long. They'll shrink your junk down. It only lasts till the drug is completely out of your system (depending on you're use it can last a few hours to a couple of days). This is true. It happened to me. Also don't use them if you're going to be having sex later in the night... You might have some trouble with that. It also might make you pee or drop a deuce a lot.
  11. XR....just when you think it's over it comes RIGHT back at ya....also if you take addies forget about food, because you will have absolutely no use for it.
  12. I have been on adderall whule smokin it is the shit and it will make you wide awake not to mention I got fucking loads of work done
  13. why dont u not use anything and use something called muscle
  14. true that....muscle works great. but the adderall and smoking is by far a high different from the norm!!! well worth it...and you'll stay totally concentrated on the task at hand and gets tons done!!

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  15. why dont you shut the fuck up!!! :wave:

    I was a fucking question on if it would keep me up all night, casue not sleeping for 24 hours and then working for 8 hours during a night shft if hell on a body, im fuckin strong, but staying awake can be hard.

    and i did take them, and do once in awhile for work since i work 6 days a ekk 48 hours a week. it helps.
  16. +rep for being on the grind and doin what you gotta do.
  17. I used to love nightshift, i worked nightshift at a grocery store unloading trucks, i just got baked all the time lmao.

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