Poll: Favorite Sublime Album

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Poll: Favorite Sublime Album

  1. Sublime-Sublime

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  2. Stand By Your Van

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  3. 40 Oz. To Freedom

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  4. Robbin' The Hood

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  5. Second Hand Smoke

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  6. Greatest Hits

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  7. Acoustic: Bradley Nowell and Friends

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  1. Sublime is one of my favorite bands
    Robbin' The Hood and Sublime-Sublime are my favorite albums

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  2. i'm gonna have to go with greatest hits, becuz i cant choose between self titled or 40 oz. ... and since greatest hits has a lil of both, that's what i'd have to pick other than that it's a tie, but sublime is the best band ever might i add in my opinion
  3. I voted for the acoustic CD. There's nothing like some acoustic sublime tunes, I don't know but I like Sublime's live mat'l (Stand by your Van is pretty good too) a bit more than the albums, because you can hear the emotion in Bradley's voice is a little less "refined" and more raw.
    Does that make sense or am I just rambling??
    I love all Sublime so...
  4. 40 oz. To Freedom is by far the best. It was their debut and it has their original raw sound. I also like their self titled cd but in my opinion it doesn't even come clost to 40 oz.
  5. You can't beat the selftitled now thats some killer sublime. "Lovin Is what I got,"

  6. Who here can say that one album is better than another? They're ALL the best, right? :D
    booty live sublime mp3's are becoming my favorite. I love how they play songs different (i.e. they've played saw red both fast AND slow, etc) and go nuts live.
    BUT I can't think of one Sublime CD/song(live or album) that I have disliked, EVER.
  7. -Howd i come across this thread?
  8. i dunno, but good thread..i dhave to say to put in the cd player and rock out of every and all songs word by word 40oz to freedoms is where its at. Robbin is awesome as well. and I just noticed on amazon, Sublime - 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection CD is a disc I have not yet to own! hmm!

  10. I Love Badfish.
  11. 40 oz.
    most definitely.
  12. i would have to say that my fav when i am stoned is Robbin' The Hood, but my fav when i am just chillin is 40 oz nice songs there, i have almost all of sublime songs memorized.. its awesome.. ;) i love sublime they are my most fav band have every cd and every record..
  13. Gotta pipe in here! Sublime is playing at the park about 5 miles from my town today! Free concert 2-7! Can't wait! Wish ya all could be there! I'll tell ya all about it and hopefully get some pics to post. I think they must live around here (No. Cal) becuz they play at the county fair too.
  14. when i first voted (for second hand smoke) i noticed how low robbin the hood was. i was glad to see it got a lot of recognition in peoples posts because it is an incredible album. second hand smoke is my favorite because its crazy go bananas! theyre all great, just selftitled is played out for me.
  15. cant beat one that starts out with garden grove. so i gotta say the selftitled album but what ever i have just about all the songs on my comp and just random play all of them with my sublime play list.
  16. i got all 3 cds they made while alive and stand by ur van. ive listened to acoustic and sampled shs. i love sublime to death and got their live dvd too. i couldnt possiblable choose a fav cd, theyre all my fav!
  17. Their Self titled album imho, hands down.

    Some of My Favs:
    What I got
    Caress Me Down
    April 29, 1992 (aka April 26, 1992)
  18. I dont have a favorite album but i do know what my favorite song is :santeria i love it!
  19. come on guys robbin the hood is def. the best album, its for the true fans
  20. self titled

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