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Discussion in 'General' started by MelT, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I know a lot of people here never get involved with the lunacy that is S+P, but I'm interested in getting a good broad answer to the poll I've just posted there, so I can judge the results across a more varied type of person. Would some of you mind going into S+P and polling at some point? Thanks:)

  2. Creationism is a joke. As a person who was raised catholic, attended mass, and went to private catholic school for the first half of my education even I know that its bs. Its about time we seperate science and god. If you believe in the christian god then you should know enough to see that he is by definition beyond science and that the bible is symbolic. When you take away god's support for creationism it becomes even more absurd. Im not arguing whether or not god is real, Im arguing that even if god is real that his existence is not contradictory to evolution.

    But back to the point, the fossil evidence is so substantial that arguing against evolution is absurd. If evolution was a criminal we could convict him and get the death penalty based on all the evidence. How would someone account for the direct lineage between all species based on the new dna evidence? Why is 90%+ of our dna ancestral if we have no ancestral species?

    Now for the primary arguement of creationists. They say the the organization is takes for life to function is beyond coincidence. Well, when these bible literalists finally accept that the earth is more than 6000 years old that gives the randomness more time to work. We are talking about something being created in a mega time scale. Shoot lightning at a chemical soup for a trillion years and you will get some weird stuff. Then adapt and survive and youve got everything that ever lived.

    Creationism relies on the existence of god. There first premise is that god is real. To use that as a legit premise they must first prove that god exists, which is impossible, because god is by definition supernatural. Science only defines what is natural.

    And if someone says "why are there still monkeys if evolution is real" Im going to go murder the education system.
  3. I personally believe in both evolution and creation... a lot of people find this hard to understand. It seems like when people get into religious debates, they tend to make very fundamentalist generalizations about both sides regardless of what they're arguing. I guess people have a natural tendency to separate things into black and white, and sometimes fail to realize that not everything is that simple.

    I don't believe in the Christian God, or organized religion at all really, but I do believe in God as a spiritual force or energy that connects us all. For me, God isn't just an all-powerful man up in the sky who judges your life and decides the fate of your soul. I'm not saying that God isn't able to take the form of an entity/being capable of independent thought, I'm just saying that God goes beyond that, and more importantly acts as a creating, uniting force between all of human consciousness. To me, it is impossible to explain the creation of the universe, life, and consciousness using physics alone. It seems necessary that there is some kind of metaphysical force, aka God, that's responsible for things being the way they are. Why do the laws of physics exist the way they do? How is it possible for an infinitely large universe to come into existence from nothingness? These are questions we may not ever know the answer to, but in simple terms, it's because of God.

    Now how is it that I believe in both creationism and evolution? It seems simple to me... God created life to begin with, in its simplest form. Whatever the first living single-celled organism was became the basis for all life on Earth. According to evolution, that organism began to evolve through chance mutations and eventually became plants, animals, and every other form of life. Some of these chance mutations worked out as advantages, and some turned out to be disadvantages so these offspring died out.... natural selection. These mutations that cause the variations happen when genetic code is copied wrong, right? Well what's to stop us from considering that maybe it was God who influenced the genetic code and caused the mutations, and it wasn't simply a chance error. Therefore, through these tiny variations over millions of years, God has shaped life on Earth and caused us to exist in our current human form. Basically God created all life using evolution as a tool. This can neither be proved or disproved, but its what I believe.
  4. Interesting....
  5. Yeah I guess the God of the Gaps theory works as a basic explanation of my beliefs. One distinction though... I'm not necessarily using religion to explain things that science doesn't currently understand. From what I've gathered about this theory, it's saying that religion is used to fill in gaps that one day will be explainable by science. I believe there are certain things that can never be explained by science, at least not the same science that exists today. Science is based on the observations of the physical world, so its impossible to use science to explain something metaphysical in nature. Until metaphysics is more commonly accepted as a legitimate field of study separate from modern science, something that can be more easily examined and analyzed, we'll never know how it all works.
  6. If it intersects out reality, then there is no reason the scientific method cannot observe it and make reasonable inferences on it.

    Anything more is a hand-waving cop-out; and at very least must be admitted not be to science or factual. Namely because falsifiability does not exist.

    If it is simply a strong conviction, not founded in evidence or the empirical world, and we call it that, then I have no problem with it. I just get annoyed when people claim it to be factual or as objective truth. Not pointing any figures at you though.

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