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Poll: Do you hold your crystal hits in? also, general smoking tips

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by norcalblaze, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I've heard you shouldn't hold it in and doing so doesn't help absorb it anymore, but i've always felt like it was a waste not to hold it in for a while.

    also what do else you have to say about hitting the glass? any tips/tricks/information?
  2. i actually couldnt imagine taking pure meth, like i get weird even when i get some pills that are cut with it. that drug brings me to places i do not want to be.
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    i was told it was bad to hold hits due to the fact it could recrystalize in your lungs
    i later found out this was not the case and its really just down to personal preference
    you hold it longer you are going to absorb more of the chemical (ie get higher) however the purest parts will absorb first so there is a balance between good and bad i guess..

    like i said personal preference
    some people say thc takes 3 seconds to absorb into your lungs however i believe with a big hit i should hold it longer cuz 3 seconds would be a waste

    and thats weed
    tweek is a lil more valuabe its kinda like the more ballin you are the less time you hold your hits but you take big ones

    the purer it is the more good holding it will do
    when it comes to smoking it remember with the bubble heat it and melt then when it smokes is when you twist it onto a cold part
    its gotta hit cool to smoke

    unless you burn it
  4. i never used to hold it in

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