Poll: Did You Use A Condom Last Time You Had Sex

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    Did you wear a condom the last time you had sex while stoned? Please be honest, elaborate as to why you did or didn't in a post if "it's complicated". Choose the most correct answer in the poll according to age and whether it's yes or no.
    If you didn't use a condom did the other person?
  2. Is the poll not on display at the top?
  3. I'll tell you when I lose my virginity
  4. I just got the implant fitted
    First time having sex without my bf wearing a condom

    and it felt gooooood
  5. She didn't want me to wear one cause apparently it feels really good, anyways we ended up teasing each other.... so yeah i can't not wear a condom, i wouldn't wanna risk ruining a girls life.
  6. I'm on the pill! So it just depends on if there is a condom available or not. But the time before last we used a condom. Hah.
  7. So people still think that the reason guys wear condoms is to not have babies....?

    Birth control doesn't protect against sexually transmitted diseases.... and omg so many people have herpes and other serious infections and don't even know about it because most cases are "without symptoms"...

    I know if a guy doesn't want to use a condom, he won't.. but chances are, he's spreading all kinds of nasty shit everywhere...

    I've heard the "Oh I get tested" story too, but most of the big nasty diseases they don't test for in the standard STD test - you'd have to request a specific blood test for Herpes, HIV, etc...

    Be smart and be safe! :/
  8. Also, OP.. why is your age range starting at 16? This website is 18+
  9. Married - haven't used a condom in...oh...wow...uh, 15 years?
  10. Condoms? Stupid idea.
  11. Me and my boyfriend are the first and only people we've done ANYTHING with. I'm even the first person he's kissed! So if he has an STD, of I have one, I'm sure we would have already caught some, as we've been together for three years, lol. (If I start talking about me and my boyfriend it's going to get really sappy and cute-throw-up-worthy, so I'll stop)
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    I'm covering this topic for study, and though this site is 18+ there is an undeniable truth that there are plenty younger ones lurking around. As such, I figured it's better to let them have a say, and maybe impact their next decision than just leave them out.

    It's silly not to wear one, but opinions differ, and I'd like people to voice out their concerns and decisions, specifically with the choice when associated with being stoned, whether or not they "feel" their state of mind has any impact on its own is irrelevant.
  13. Voted no, 19 years old.

    In a long term relationship, both tested clean for everything and she's on the pill. :)
  14. Nope. She's on the pill and it works just fine.
  15. You are aware you don't have to have sex to actually get STDs right?
    Sometimes you're born with HPV or other things and will never know unless you go to get specific tests done. Sometimes you don't show symptoms, but may pass it to another who may one day show symptoms if their immune system gets weak enough.

    Then it can get passed onto children, etc... I've done so much research on these things for school and its really sad how many people just don't know the truth about STD's and just think "That'll never happen to me!"

    I'm just saying, use your brains, people... the world doesn't need any more babies and it certainly doesn't need more diseases spread! Sure you may be healthy now... but people don't think especially when it comes to sex... I just wish they would.

    I mean just look at that poll.. Look at how many clueless young people don't wear condoms... its disturbing to me, really.
  16. Nope.
    Caution to the wind, Penis to the vag.
  17. Haha I'm not surprised by the poll at all.

    And I voted yes. He used a condom and I was still on birth control then.
  18. Yes I used a condom, and I would have used two.

    I only need gonorrhea once to know I never want it again.

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