poll: best strain & best papers, or smoking method everyone post damn it

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kranko, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I just started rolling a joint and noticed that I have 10 empty packs of zig zag 1 1/4 slow burners (orange package my favorite) I also have the clear papers made from cellulose and a pack of randy widers, all just sitting there, I love my volcano vap but my box vap is my fav, and my favorite strain is elvis diesel (my current grow) so I wanted to take a poll what is everyone favorite papers , way to smoke, and strain, so don t be shy lets hear it all u stoners, u can even tell ur fav band and song Im just curious what the grass puffn community likes to use .. peace all hope to hear soon :smoking:
  2. Favourite method to smoke would be parachutes or buckets. Love it for the fact that no smoke is lost. Papers would probably be RAW, no paper taste. And at the moment my favourite strain would be g-13. living in BC you get a wide variety of dope so it changes every so often.
  3. I dunno what the strain is but we called it bc's or beasters they were awesome they were so dense it was ridiculous, i got em for yrs. we used to get them from an Indian reservation, Im jealous BC would be an awesome place to live and its fugn beautiful
  4. ak-47 or white widow, 15 inch bong, and pink floyd.
  5. doesn't anyone on this website puff???
  6. My favorite way to smoke has gotta be in a blunt, preferably the wrap off a Backwoods honey cigar. I know they are cheap cigars and probably taste gross if you didn't fill it with the green. Something about them got me attached.

    My favorite paper is for sure RAW! There is no other paper worth mentioning out there. Zig Zag papers are so thick, you might as well roll one out of notebook paper. Plus Zig Zag and all those other brands bleach the shit out of their paper to make all nice and pretty. If you only knew what those manufacturers did with all that bleach waste. That's great for our enviroment and is probably better for your consumption!

    Sorry bout the rant on Zig Zag, just a touchy subject with me. If you have the choice why not chose the healthy unbleached brand?
  7. I don't think zigzags are that thick I use alot of hemp papers too, I like the high wires, and a few other , anyone ewver seen the Ron Jeremy papers, u probably get herpies when ya LICK IT I think I've been using the zigzags is because of convenience more or less and they do smoke slow and never run. I'm a cig smoker so the paper bleaching is the least of my worries:smoke:
  8. I love the strain burmese, it's the strongest smelling strain i've ever came across. It's potentcy is like that of rocket fuel.. STRONG. A very good smoke also, the flavor is unbeliveable.

    Burmese + Bong/joints/whatever = happy times.

    Hopefully, i will have some of that goodness again
  9. My favorite way to smoke is just your good'ol classic 1 paper. As for my fav strain, for some reason Chemo sticks out. As for papers, I'd have to choose any kind of paper that is chemical free ie: bleach and glue. Rice papers always seem to do the trick and anything with a natural gum. I've also tried the cellulose Rollie's, I'm still not to sure if I like them although they exceeded my expectations as far as performance goes, I like the idea.
  10. Don't get me wrong,
    I love my big bong.

    But the best hit i have to say,
    is 2 flavoured papers rolled into a J

    I use 2 papers per J,
    Becasue i burns better this way.

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