Poll: Best Stoner Movie!!!!

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What is the best stoner movie?

  1. Half Baked

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  2. Half Baked

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  3. Half Baked

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  4. Half Baked

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  5. Half Baked

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  6. Half Baked

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  1. Take the poll then see the results!
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  2. Don't bitch if you don't like Half Baked, it was a joke...I think...?
  3. Maaaannnnn, Half Baked is the fucking shit!!!! I just got thourgh watching it!!!!!!!!!!!! :smoking:
  4. cheech and chong are great too!!!
  5. Looks like half baked is in the leed with half baked laggin behind. haha.. yea.. good movie. :D
  6. Half Baked is GREAT.... also try.....

    Detroit Rock City
    Being John Malcovich(sic).... just watched last night..... it was fucking great!

    Check out Indie movies, as their the ones that express uncommon ideas (ie. pot smoking is okay, nay, required if you want to survive in this society, lol)

    Groove, Go (both Rave movies)
    Easy Rider (for the trippy ones)
  7. I have to cast my vote for "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas".

    I can't count the times I have seen this movie... probably becuase of all those drugs I did as a kid.

    I don't do drugs anymore, I just smoke weed.

  8. yeah hat movie go is the shit, but no one said blow yet, that ons good too.
  9. Blow is alright. I have to go with Fear and Loathing. Half Baked is all about weed, but it's pretty stupid and unrealistic.
  10. Half Baked is the shit. I wouldn't classify blow as a good stoner movie. It is good, but when you are stoned it is way too depressing and just ends up dragging my high down. I think other good stoner movies are The Big Lebowski, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, (i must've seen it 3 times in the theatre while stoned) and any Quentin Tarantino movie.
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  11. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas is way better than gay ass Half-baked. Watch it and u'll see.
  12. It is...The Big Lebowski is great, lol. Love that movie. I've watched Pulp Fiction baked quite a few times, also.
  13. candice, i own both and my vote still goes for Half-Baked. I feel its a happerier movie, which makes me happy, and i like being happy!
  14. Cheech and Chong Man, Up in Smoke. Also half baked is alright, but they either have a low tollerance or the best sh't u can smoke. I mean, they get high off of one hit.

  15. I was thinking aobut that too but mann who cares? They really gets the justfs of this!
  16. It would actually rock to have low tolerance, i mean, it would save you a bunch of weed
  17. i know, but one hit, I wonder if anyone can get messed up that bad off of one hit, except for my friends cat who ran to the munchies after one blow to the ear.

  18. Dude Xplict where the fuck are you getting all these pictures
  19. cheech & chong's Up in Smoke
    Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

    barring that ... Appocalypse Now or 2001 a space odessy or some other kubrik great.

    anyone except the heaviest 50 stonners in the world would get high of one hit of the true highest grade.
  20. how's about see no evil hear no evil....that film gets me everytime...lol

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