Poll 11/17 puts RP in first

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    So about 5 minutes ago my local news station put up the most recent polls.

    (0)Herman Cain (24%) - Figment of someones imagination. A cartoon character if you will, possibly a hologram created by NASA that went rogue and is now trying to run for president even though it isn't a real person.

    (1st)Ron Paul (20%) - Awesome

    (3rd)Mitt Romney (18%) - Expected

    (4th)Undecided (8%) - all other candidates are a joke.

  2. WTF, how is RP in first if "a hologram created by NASA that went rogue and is now trying to run for president even though it isn't a real person." has a higher percent of the votes?

    What sate are you in that they actually show Paul as a candidate? In my state(CA) the results would look like this

    (1st)Herman Cain (24%)
    (3rd)Mitt Romney (18%)
    (4th)Undecided (8%)
  3. Iowa brah, shits real.
  4. He's in 2nd in New Hampshire too.

    Shit has gotten rayal.

  5. Iowa is really impressing me, Ron is always in first or second in the polls.
  6. Yeah the margin of error for that poll is +/- 4.5% too!
  7. Democracy is starting to scare the living shit out of me.
  8. People who are extremely ignorant scare the shit out of me.

    The Ron Paul Revolution is here.

  9. Ron Paul won the straw poll in California, he has a ton of appeal to people in this state, especially the anti-war who are sick as hell about Obama. It's the entitled masses CA seems to attract that will rock the vote, unfortunately. Still, Ron Paul has a much better chance than any other Republican candidate in CA im sure of it

  10. Keep your ego in check. You are winning (don't really call 2nd place winning but I'll give a freebie) by default. Americans gotta have their cultist figures, whether they subscribe to a religion or not, it's something about us. And RP just so happens to be the most cultish sob running this election. Last election Obama was riding it, this time it's Paul. I'm telling you, Americans have to have their cult leaders.
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    People call you a troll because you say things like this

    I'm not even going to ask you how supporting the only candidate who is running his campaign on restoring liberty to the masses and defending the constitution is cultish. troll
  12. He's cultish because you all are going to end up dead like in Jonestown & Heaven's Gate.

    Gosh :rolleyes:

  13. Dude. I know I know, we can't smoke in total peace. But forget weed for one second and realize we're free and have liberty.

  14. You prove my point. Only the very ignorant can call Ron Paul's supporters a cult. The ignorant can't fathom why we have such dedication and passion. The ignorant statists can't understand why people care so much about freedom and liberty. The ignorant can't understand the power of an idea whose time has come. The ignorant sheep are unaware that they are being led to the slaughter.

    That's why ignorance is so scary.

    Maybe for the first time in a very long time though, the knowledgeable are outnumbering the ignorant.

  15. First of all, a lot of assumptions there. :rolleyes: I understand that there is a difference between actual libertarians or Constitutional black-and-whiters (new term :hello:) supporting RP and cult followers. Just like Commies, Socialists, and Social Democrats were the most excited about Obama and then there was "everyone else" who for one reason or another seemed equally as excited, but definitely for less substantial reasons.
  16. "Obama's gunna pay my mortgage!!!!!!!!" ?!?
  17. It's all LIES! I TELL YA, LIES!

    It's more like,

    1- Ron Paul (80 percent)
    2- Tools (20 percent)
  18. Except one's a cult of personality, the other is a cult of knowledge/principle/awesomeness.

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