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Discussion in 'Politics' started by NorseMythology, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. There is clearly a lot in the politics section that people disagree on, but I wonder what fundamental things we can agree on?

    I think it is difficult to have a constructive conversation with someone of a different opinion unless you have some fundamental common ground.

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  2. Good thread @NorseMythology

    Fully legalising marijuana, ie you can purchase in your local convenience store in the same way you can purchase cigarettes.

    Surely we can all agree on that? :)
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  3. Sounds good to me. We are off to a good start!

    Is the underlying implication that we humans should be free to imbibe anything we please, or what is your fundamental reason you think cannabis in particular should be legalized?

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  5. I don't see cannabis as a "drug", it's a naturally growing plant that has always been there. Similar to the tobacco plant thus the comparison to cigarettes.

    If tobacco is available in the convenience store then cannabis should be on the shelf beside it.
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  6. I certainly agree, but why, fundamentally?

  7. What to do, oh what to do? Those of us that see the corruption, and erosion of human potential, all scratch our heads trying to figure it out.

    This will take a bit of time, but bare with me:

    Freedom Force Rising - Freedom Force International

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  8. You are exclusing your fundamental principle, unless it is really contingent on tobacco, in which case if tobacco was made illegal would you support cannabis also being illegal?

    While we agree on this issue, I wonder if our justifications are different.

    Mine, as you may have guessed, is contingent upon the belief that we humans own ourselves, that our bodies are our property which we are free to alter, abuse or extinguish as we please.

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  9. I hear you. The tobacco comparison is probably a poor one because as you said the way things are going it too will be deemed illegal. Tobacco is an example I use when explaining to non smokers.

    I would legalise all "drugs" including Class A if given the choice. I fully agree that our bodies are nobodies property apart from ourselves and we should be allowed to put whatever we want into it.
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    • set congressional term limits
    • eliminate corporate welfare
    • stop fighting stupid wars
    • increase access to health care
    • legalize unpasteurized milk
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  10. The Federal Reserve is tasked with printing US currency, which is unconstitutional only the treasurer should have that power, not a private institution.

    Throughout history these bankers have conspire against the people of the United States to create a centralized "federal" reserve bank; great americans such as Old Hickory (Andrew Jackson) has prevented these bankster from setting roots.

    Unfortunately shit presidents such as Woodrow Wilson signed the federal reserve act which was crafted on Jekyll Island by a bunch of banksters that colluded with few polticians at the time.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank, that doesn't have to answer to the President, Congress, Senate, and even the people, yet their task with printing money. The federal bank really started to manipulate the value of currency when Nixon removed the US from the gold standard.

    Our currency is highly manipulated and the value is strictly based on being the reserved note for the world. One example would be the petrodollar where all purchases of barrel of Oil has to be made with US dollars even if both parties are not the US.

    The Federal Reserve is able to inflate the currency through printing as much currency, loan the inflated currency to any nation without the US consent.

    The Federal Reserve is also able to manipulate interest rates on said loans which is alarming, because they're definitely playing with the value of said currency.

    The most critical aspect of the Federal Reserve, it provides an artificial environment for the government to tap into a large amount of money without directly notifying the american people, however in doing so the goverment will have to provide a bond, which is simply a promise to pay back the debt owned no matter what.

    Any time the government spends money, be it paying back a loan it will eventually be a tax on the american people be it directly or indirectly.

    G Edward Griffin Creature From Jekyll Island

    Another important factor to look into is the world bank and the imf and the shady organizations that collude with the government:

    Confession of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins
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  11. "legalize unpasteurized milk"

    - I've haven't heard about this before why?
  12. Can we agree that Trump is a sick man? As time goes on, I'm beginning to see him more as a victim of a number of mental issues. He is getting more erratic, he should be removed from office and treated.
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  13. From what I can gather there are restrictions on raw milk in some US states as there is in some European countries. Here in Ireland you can purchase raw milk.

    The only milk I drink is of the raw goat variety. I have a few goats on some land and along with dining on the succulent kids I also drink the milk. There's nothing like drinking milk straight from the source although the fact it is warm if you drink it straight away does turn a lot of people off.

    There have been a few health scares over this side of the world and some people have died from milk that was infected. It doesn't worry me though, I'm sure I've greater chance of the cigarettes I've been smoking for 30+yrs getting me first.
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  14. interesting, what are the benefit?
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  15. Because it's non of the governments damn business
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  16. FED will get replaced by crypto currencies sooner or later. fiat model is not sustainable.
    technology is what's going to save the day (or fully destroy the planet, depending on how you look at A.I.)

    either way it's not something that can be stopped.
  17. well said, good post!
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    so, good thread, btw @NorseMythology !

    enact term limits on ALL congressional positions.
    End the congressional exemption from ACA/OR make them use the VA for healthcare purposes (a lot about our healthcare system would change really fast!)
    Legalize ALL drugs! (destroy ALL black markets, cut back on police state)
    legalize all foods (including unpasurized milk, we have some retarded laws on our books about food supplies)
    kill all restrictions on growing own food/gathering rain water
    and of course, end the fed.
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