Politics - serious or trivial?

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  1. Do you really give a fuck about what's going on in politics, or do you think it wouldn't make a difference how much of a fuck you gave?
  2. Ting-A-Ling!

    I regret that I have but one laugh, to give for my country.

    To paraphrase some more...

    It is the best of minds, it is the worst of minds.

    Most people have no idea how naked they appear to be, when they speak of politics.

    In a world that worships insincerity, politics give honor to liars and platforms to thieves, and helps all of us realize how easily led we can be.

    Lately, I prefer the wheel of law(life). Truthfulness, compassion, tolerance.

    With the Falun Dama (Falun Gong), politics becomes almost passe, like a bad dream of realities, no longer necessary.

    The only true change comes from within, the only true government comes from within.

    Become the true wheel, and just roll with it.:)
  3. The true Confucians believe that he who treats the state as he does his own body is the one who should rule/govern.
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  6. If you don't turn on to politics, politics will turn on you.

    This basicly means if you don't know what your politicians are doing, you cant stop them from doing things you don't want them to do.

  7. How have you personally stopped a politician from doing something you didn't want him/her to do?

    This should be enlightening.
  8. I mean the people of a country using the democratic system to get decisions made by them rather than politicians. If no one is interested in politics, they wont do anything about poor political decisions.

  9. Oh, so you don't have an affirmative answer to my previous question?
  10. I personally have written letters to government about cannabis legalisation and I am a member of a cananbis activist group, this hasn't changed much yet but if there were no activists nothing would get changed e.g prohibition. Politics are important so you can involve yourself in them and make positive changes!

  11. Interesting. I've sent some letters in too. Strangely, marijuana is both illegal and talked around by the government to this day.

    Well, an infinitesimal impact is still an impact, right? ;)
  12. I got no clue man. I just know that apathy doesn't sit well with me.

  13. So you're saying there's no point in political activism because we havn't changed anything YET? Some things take time just beacause somthing is taking a while to change doesn't mean it isn't going to. For example the cannabis movement has picked up great speed recently, there have been cannabis activists since prohibition started but only now are things starting to change for example recent mmj laws and decriminalisation.
  14. well said :smoking:
  15. politics = violence

  16. I'm saying you are not those campaigns, regardless of how long they might take to accomplish parts of their goals.

    We fool ourselves to believe we are represented by our respective nation-states. We are governed (ruled) by the people who muscled their way into power, either with impunity or cowardlily (<--not a word, but it makes sense) behind the scenes.
  17. I follow politics, although I wish I didn't. Something interesting about it.

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