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Politics and people that suck

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloudman, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. You know who is a tottal dick, that senetor from utah Orrin Hatch. I hate that guy, he wants to remotely destroy downloaders computers. God that guy is such an ass i mean how did you guys in utah let that dick into office? He said that whe was a song writer him self and didn't want people stealing his right wing propaganda songs. Have you heard that songs "wings of an eagle or what ever the hell it is? Talk about load that is like the worst song ever created, why would any body in there right mind download that huge peice of steaming dog crap? UGH!!!!!!!

    well i had to get that out...

    feel free to dis any other political dicks there are out there, as well as the satan spwan (hatch) him self
  2. BUSH = CUNT, PRICK, SHITFUCKA, BLAIRSUCKA, DICK RIDER, MONKEY WANNABE, that faggot is a menace to society.
  3. muzac to my ears
  4. I wonder how it feels to be president when you weren't even elected.
  5. O ya! Theres nothing you can do about it either! HAHA!
  6. these guys will ansewer all your questions and then some.

    by the way al gore is a huge pussy.
  7. ;D


    that dickhead is such an asshole... i really want to know.... is blunkett an asshole all by himself? or does someone control him and his policies for him to make him such an ass? history will remember this guy, and remember him badly. rightfully so.

    Alisdair Campbell.
    idk if this guy even gets considered a politician.... but he's certainly responsable for half of Tony B Fucking Liar's complete lack of respect for democracy or even the core ideals of their party. Alisdair cambell is like the rumplestiltskin propagandist entreprenuer of our times.

    Tony dickless-all-smiles-and-wide-eyes-no-doubt-botoxxed-for-better-lying-sucking-upto-power-clinging-to-"great"britain-mightaswell-be-thatcher-except-more-facist-gonna-send-this-collective-of-nations-to-the-shitter Blair.
    to give him his full title anyway. :rolleyes: but i got nothing to say about him other than his name. I'll just get really pissed of if i start thinking about public services and the direction of our international relations and the whole euro thing.

    now dont get me started with the ones across the pond.

    okok... i'm started....

    first up for the dissin.....

    Wolfowitz. where to begin!? his distasteful disrespectfull attitude to all other nations but the US? his belief in military power to solve problems? his love of sanctions? his huge belly full of probably enough food to feed half of africa? heck.. he probably ate a few africans too the fat neo con fat cat bastard. i'm not having a go at fat people btw... i'm just mad at his because i know where it comes from... the mouths of the poor. what really gets me though.. is that this guy has an IQ above 100. ;p

    Rumsveld. Rummsfeld? whatever.
    oh .. now what was it he said...? oh, he came out with an absolute scorcher a few days/weeks back....
    even that crazy nut info ali would have had a hard time beating his crap. damn.. i cant remember it now, it was the time he finnished of rather nonchalontly with "don't you like that? I like that?" ... something to do with putting choas and terror into iraq, crippling their infrastructure and putting them from one dictatorship into another military rule. he seemed to think it was funny anyway. what really gets me though.. is that this guy has an IQ above 100. ;p

    Condoliza rice.
    WTF ARE YOU DOING WOMAN!? Do you think you are doing either black people OR woman any service by acting like a male middle aged white corporate fat cat like the rest of them???!!?!??? i suppose you like the way the prison figure are in the US too huh? what really gets me though.. is that this "guy" has an IQ above 100. ;p


    Colon Bowel.
    i bet you really like Alisdair campbells style dont you "co-lin". was it fun starting a war? was it? i bet you had a hardon whilst telling the UN to go fuck themselves, the new order was in town. was it fun being the messenger that brought the message of doom and instability to the world? did they pay you well? what really gets me though.. is that this guy has an IQ above 100. ;p

    Quayle deserves something big and spikey shoved into unusual places too. he's been around fucking things up too long.

    and although the fucker might not be around anymore, his legacy still criples the world today...
    ... it was only recently that i learned he was the one responsable for stripping america of its last remaining original ideals. wtf!? where did all that negativity towards Communism come from? it wasnt long before that the states were more left than russia! (like pre trotski, and pre nazi backdoor invasion of america)
    well... it just goes to show how powerfull propaganda can be. we are all susceptable to it. how many americans these days still hark on about "crazy lefties" "tree huging hippies" and "gawdamn commie bastards"!?
    i hate him more than nixon.
  8. oh... and what a great reason for voting for the other guy.. because he's a "pussy" :rolleyes:

    no wonder your country is going down the shitter. :p
  9. technology has leap-frogged over the existing status quo. The industry and governement are slow to accept new technology and are confused on how to hang on to what they have always known and how they have always made money. Keep doing what you are doing, pushing the envelope of The Man, working with technolgy to circumvent the current regulations, and you should see either government adapt to the new market or you should see the music industry evovle into a completey new area than before.

    Damn, I sound just like Gary Busey right now, don't I? :D
  10. Who said he voted for the other guy cause Gore is a pussy. Gore is a pussy cause he dropped out of the race.
  11. k.
    my bad.
    i grabbed the wrong end of the stick a bit there i guess.
  12. dont think bush or gore would have made good presidents. sometimes you just have to make a hard decision. at the time of the election i couldnt vote anyway. of course im 18 now :)
  13. I am and never have voted... i really dont care... why get your pannies in a wad (sp?).
  14. uhh... because we live in democracies (suposedly). it is not only our right to vote.. its our duty. power to the people y'know.

    laccrosse. its people who think like you who dont vote but otherwise would vote wisely (in my opinion) if they only took a little interest.
    ... you're putting a spanner in the works of world peace.

    hubert. i think neither of them would have been very good either. but due to the way the election process takes place in the US if i were there i would have found myself tactically voting for against bush just to limit the damage... or at least trying. doesnt really matter i suppose if he's going to cheat anyway.
  15. what you guys think of joe "blow" leibermen?
    i think theres a incredibly small chane he could win in this country. looks like bush will have it for a nother four years
  16. idk, havnt seen much at all about him really.
    i do like what i've seen of kucinich.. like it matters tho. i'm across the pond so my vote doesnt count. maybe i'll get my brother to submit my vote for me since he doesnt vote over there just because he cant be bothered learnin the goings on of americna politics. :rolleyes: dumbass.
  17. Basic rule of thumb, if they are a politcian...... they suck. I hate Democraps because they push for a more welfare state in America, less of a National Defense, and limit certain constitutional rights. I hate Republicans (can't think of a whitty name for them) due to the catering to the rich, toss in "Patriotic" laws that give less privacy in our lives, and tend to cram old America values down our throats. I would vote Libertarian (Platform is basically legalized drugs, no gun control, and only government infulence is law enforcement) but that would be a waste of a vote. So I'll take the Republicans as the lesser of 2 evils, but they are all still crooked assholes.
  18. publicns are lesser evil then democrates?????!!!!!!!
    No not at all at least the democrats are semi nice people that dont love to have wars.

  19. As much as I would like to think we live in a democracy, it just aint so(atleast in the US). Bush is not where he is because of how many people voted for him, he is there because the supreme court decided that he won. I fully plan on voting in the next election, but at the same time I feel like my vote is more or less meaningless. I also have to agree with the person talking about having to pick the lesser of two evils. I would vote libertarian, but it really seems like that is wasting a vote. I think I would rather vote for a democrat, not because I like democrats, but because I don't want to see a republican get it. Actually, I really hate all politicians. Every single one of them. Anyone who actually WANTS to be in a position like that is already suspect in my book.

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