Politicians and Pot

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  1. Politicians and Pot:

    the real story
    This list, compiled from a recent High Times article, shows the amazing hypocricy in politics... as if we needed to be SHOWN. Well, I guess some people do.

    The List

    William "Bill" Clinton :
    I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it and didn't inhale, and never tried it again.
    MTV : If you could try marijuana again for the first time, would you inhale?
    Clinton : Sure, If I could. I tried before.

    Albert Gore :
    During Junior and Senior years in college, "once or twice" while off duty in the Army, at Grad school and while working at a Nashville newspaper.
    At least I waited until I was in college...

    Tipper Gore :
    In college.

    Douglas Ginsburg :
    Once as a college student in the '60's and then on a few occasions in the '70's, I used marijuana."

    Bruce Babbitt :
    In 1966 and 1977 while working with the Civil Rights Movement in the South.
    Whats the big deal?

    Rep. Joseph Kennedy :
    As one of the few politicians who admits to having inhaled and having enjoyed marujuana, I of course support the medical use of marijuana
    Hooray for Kennedy!!

    Newt Gingrich :
    Grad School and late night parties in New Orleans.
    Interesting side note : If ole hypocrit Newt's desired policies were in place when he was elected, he would have been fired, and his children would have been taken away and put in orphanages when he was in Grad school.

    FL Gov. Lawton Chiles
    FL Rep. Connie Mack
    Rhode Island Rep. Claiborne Pell
    Mass. Sen. John Kerry
    Mass. Lt. Gov. Evelyn Murphy
    Mass. Rep. Richard Neal
    Mass. Attorney Gen. James Shannon
    Ill. Lt Gov. Bob Justra
    Ill. Rep. Al Salvi
    Ill. Treasurer Patrick Quinn
    NY. Rep. Susan Molinari
    NY. Gov. George Pataki - Marijuana in Beans...
    NJ. Gov. Christine Todd Whitman - inhaled, got high, threw up
    Clarance Thomas


    and not a politician.......... me........roach !

  2. well these people grew up in the 60s and 70s where peer pressur for thying it was everywhere, but now that that the media monaters all sights and sounds, and things spread quickly. more things have to be kept quiet.
  3. how can i have a tripel posting?!

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  4. how can i have a fucking tripel posting?!


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  5. I thought the same thing! We have flood control on, so it was not possible for you to submit all 3 within the same minute.
    Twilight zone!!!

    Peace [​IMG]
  6. i blame the imac

  7. One of Clinton's last things he was able to do before leaving office was to grant pardons
    ...so guess who he pardons?....his brother...
    guess what his brother had been convicted of...you guessed right if you said...DRUGS!

    If I were writing a letter to him it would begin like this:

    Dear Mr Ex-President,

    Has your daddy ever been arrested?

    May the Spirit og Cannabis remain with us always
  8. In aganjasmokers lounge club on yahoo the other day some no-nothing tried to claim that marijuana is addictive.

    I sent him the definitions of the term "addict" from ditionary.com:
    (notice the definition says nothing about herbs!)

    ad·dict (-dkt)
    v. tr. ad·dict·ed, ad·dict·ing, ad·dicts.

    To devote or give (oneself) habitually or compulsively: She was addicted to rock music.

    To cause to become compulsively and physiologically dependent on a habit-forming substance: He was addicted to cocaine.
    n. (dkt)

    One who is addicted, as to narcotics.

    A devoted believer or follower: “We are all . . . addicts of change” (Christopher Lasch).
  9. With the accent on "compulsively" which has only been added to the definition of addict in recent years .

    websters collegiate; addict = to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively.

    obsessive = excessive 'often' to an unreasonable degree.

    compulsion = an irresistable impulse to perform an irrational act.

    "By definition".......those words always amused me. Change one word in a definition ....and you can change the meaning of the word. And hence change the word. "Some say a word is dead once said.......
    I say ,it just begins to live that day"
    Thought provoking. [​IMG]



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