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  1. I was just wondering where most of the blades stand politically. I consider myself more center I can take a left or right stance depending on the topic at hand. But i'm usually more to the left not radical or anything.
  2. Democrat/liberal all in one basket

    Heres my take on the parties in the US

    Republicans, are assholes with money who dont need us to get what they want

    Democrats are assholes with less money who DO need us to get what they want...

    I like power....democrats give me that

    Besides...Bill Clinton was the best damn president we had this half of the century....sure, he was a pig in his private life...but what he did politically was incredible....he nearly cut the national debt brought on during the reagan years(HES THE DEVIL NORM!) in half....

  3. dammn hippies!
  4. i hate the government, but i guess i'm more towards the center. i'm a little w/the republicans on certain issues (abortion (me being pro-life and all) for example) though.

  5. I do agree with Amanita on this. I just need to add I am for the people. There are some issues that Republicans are forr the peopleas well as Democratics. There are some topics that the Libs don't have the people in mind.

    The Government should be run by the people for the people.

    It is run by People who want to do what they want and the people have to live with it.

    Our members talk about the percentage of the people who use Marijuanna.
    If the Government would come out and say, all Marijuanna users speak up and tell us that you are users and no one will be arrested or harrased in any way, I would say there are more like 65-70% of people in america that use Marijuanna in some form or fasion!

    If you can't afford to loose family and jobs because of thee government, you will not speak out!
  6. I believe a new study this year out of UCLA claims approximately 85% of Amricans have used marijuana within the past year or till use it today.

  7. I can believe that. Around here I'd say that it's more like 90% if people would admit to it. The problem is, Most people are to scared to admit it!
  8. exactly....My dad has a funny story of the time he was down in a small town in humbolt county to see family, and he was wearing a D.A.R.E T-shirt and sunglasses....He went into the town bar to buy some drinks, and the second he walked in the door, the bar got silent and everyone looked away thinking he was some sort of narc....the fact is..we've been beat(most of us atleast) into submission by the man!...and we have to rise up as a whole and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!.....
  9. libretarian/capitalist here. i'm actually trying to go into politics, i don't think that i don't know too much about certian things right now, but thats what school is for. i've heard the teachers at my school are out on a left limbs...and that there are alot of commies/socialists there too...hmm
  10. Theres nothing wrong with communismt besides the fact that it wont work!....if it did..i'd be all for it....but who wants o be a doctor when they can make the same amount flipping burgers?
  11. YES YES YES, if everyone were to speak up, stand up and shout, be counted, regardless of the reprocussions, the impact would be so great nothing could be done or the country would be left unmanned from burger flipper to big business...marijuana is smoked, always has been smoked, and always will be smoked, regardless of any LAWS that stand in our way...it just simply WONT work.....and yes, bill clinton was the shiznit...also, my grandpa believes that if the country hadnt been so worried about whos skirt ol bills hand was up, they just might have noticed some sort of early terroristic happenings...
  12. well..its just amusing to see how flipped out everyone got over bill clintons affair...its nothing new people....over 20 US presidents have admitted to having affairs while in office..whether in public, or in diaries etc.

    Hell, while Lyndon johnson was getting a blow job from an assistant one day his wife walked in on him...from that day forward he had a buzzer system installed in the white house to warn him of his arriving wife....nowadays the buzzer system is supposedly only used for secret service purposes....mmm hmm sure it is...and im not even going into the whole bullshit that went down with JFK and marylin monroe...

    just the fact that people would point out the fact that something like that was going on disgusts me.... if he was having an affair, he obviousely had enough problems in his personal life...but to drag it on like that was just an insult to him. It never would have affected his work if it had not been carried out like it had been..

  13. YES, COMMUNISM IS THE SHIT HANK!!....but..human nature just fucks everything up...damn us humans...what the fuck are we thinking...ANARCHISM IS ALSO THE SHIT!
  14. I wanna know what the hell happens when the first member of the anarchist party becomes the president....
  15. wouldnt that kinda be an oxymoron, anarchist president?
  16. yes...very much so

    thats why I wold like to see an anarchist run for the presidency...
  17. I am Liberatarian. I have played on the Democrat side, and on the Republican side, and only the LIbs have something that neither of them have or ever will have..... an understanding that first you must give the people BACK their right to make personal decisions about their money, lives, and bodies.... the rest will pretty much fall into place.... :)

    The problem I see with the other two parties, and that could become a problem for Libs. is the "absolute power" rule! Any political party has the power to become CRAP if we the PEOPLE do not keep them in line.

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