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  1. I found this on another forum, thought you guys might enjoy it. It's a little historically inaccurate, and there's some grammatical/spelling errors, but it's pretty much spot-on, otherwise.

  2. I can see this being a broadway musical in about 15 years.
  3. And for WHOM was all this for? Minorities. Think about it. The bad mortgages...minorities mostly. The healthcare reform...to get minorities covered. Cash for clunkers...who drives the clunkers that quality? Minorities.

    We're selling our soul for these people...why? If you can't make it on your own...you shouldn't make it. That goes for individuals AND entire groups.
  4. And who got hurt by it? Everyone, including the minorities! I'd even argue that it hurt them the most because it only gave them false hopes, and a taste of the good life simply to pull the rug out just a few years later. Putting them right back to where they started, or even worse. Who actually benefited from all this? Banks and other financial institutions, and Wall St.

  5. pfff, thats not a little bit fucked up.

    "Oh hey, if you cant pull your own weight in one of the most fucked up economical disperese enviroments, little minority who is working two jobs just to put food on the table, then you shouldn't get to live"

    Yeah I wish we'd just roll back to the good ol' days, when we'd let poor people starve.

  6. Completely wrong. It was for the majority, the people that don't already have the "American Dream" and want it. In lawless democratic nations like ours politicians make promises to get elected. You don't appeal to "minorities".
  7. ^ Truth. Nowadays though I just take "minority" to mean the vast majority of the population that, combined has significantly less wealth than the exclusive elite on top. In other words, I use the terminology to describe their portion of financial wealth, and not their percentage of the population.
  8. Subprime mortgage loans reaalllyyy helped those damned minorities too, huh?
  9. You like to stereotype people huh?

    Healthcare reform would help middle class people who contribute to society, they just dont have enough to pay for decent healthcare.
  10. A stereotype gets to BE a stereotype because it's accurate...don't play games. You know it's true.

  11. No, it didn't, but it was intended to help them. Just like our foreign policy doesn't actually make us safer, you have to examine both the intended and unintended consequences of policy in order to make corrections.
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    Examine? Intent? Consequence? Fuck that foreign language! :p
  13. Two wrongs make a right?

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