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  1. hi every1 its me again and i wuz readin a cuple of growguides but there wuz nuttin on polinating in them so can sum1 help me lern how 2 polinate

  2. When a male is starting to flower (2-4 weeks before the females) it should be removed from the females so it does not pollinate them. It is taken to a separate area. Any place that gets just a few hours of light per day will be adequate, including close to a window in a separate room in the house. Put newspaper or glass under it to catch the pollen as the flowers drop it.
    Shake the branches every morning to release pollen onto the glass and then scrap it with a razor blade to collect it.

    If you need to, save pollen in an airtight bag in the freezer. It will be good for about a month. It may be several more weeks before the females are ready to pollinate. Put a paper towel in the bag with it to act as a descant.
    fresh pollen is always brtter, though.

    A plant is ready to pollinate 2 weeks after the clusters of female flowers first appear. If you pollinate too early, it may not work. Wait until the female flowers are well established, but still all while hairs are showing.

    Turn off all fans. Use a paper bag to pollinate a branch of a female plant. place it over a single branch of the female, zipping it up sideways around the stem so no pollen leaks out. Shake the bag and the stem at the same time. Allow to settle for an hour or two and shake it again. Remove it a few hours later.
    should show signs iof seed production about 2 weeks from then:)
  3. thx man so wen i take the pollen from the male and put it on the female that will give me seeds so i could use in my next grow rite
    just tell me if im rong thx 4 helpin tho man bye
  4. Hi All..

    Stylez1877 that was an excellent peace of reading, explained well and as a newbie was put in easy turms.

    Thanks Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well explained .[​IMG]

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