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  1. what is the penalty you get from the police if you are caught in possesion of a cannabis plant?
  2. www.norml.org

    its different for every state, your state should be on there somewhere and its legal status (givin you live in the U.S)
  3. i live in england all i know is if you get caught with under 30 grams you just get i taken off you no fine or anything but i dont know about plants.
  4. i was told 2 days ago that if u get caught with 2 plants then they dont do a thing. we was stoned at the time tho.
    i think the attitude from the police is gangsters bad, some1 who just likes a toke now and then is not so bad.
    by law u can get 14years 4 a seedling but that wud never happen, i once got done when i had ten plants on the go and i just got a slapped wrist and all my growing gear taken away.
    at the end of the day aslong as u dont take the piss or give them a hard time when u get busted u wont rot in jail. i had a good solister and put a good argument fwd so i didnt even get a fine. i know a bloke that got done with 6 plants, gave the coppers hell when he got busted and he got CS and a big fine, was lucky not to get jail cus thats wot they was pushing 4. best bet is just dont get caught!
  5. alright. Do the cops do you for male plants?

  6. yeah, cus cops r thick as pig shit. a plant is a plant is a plant to them. when it comes to court tho if it does go that far then a good solisiter will get u off a lot lighter if u can prove u wasnt growing to sell. as a male plant is worthless then that mite help but, and its a big BUT u wud have to prove
    a, its male.
    b, u knew it was male.
    c, give a dam gud reason 4 growing a male plant rather than a female.

    c wud b the real stumbleing block i think.

    it sounds to me u just wanna grow a plant and not get busted 4 it. dont we all. im sorry to tell u but if u wanna grow mj in any way shape or form in the uk then u r running the risk of jail. the only thing u can do is try and keep the risk down. the best way to do this is
    a, dont grow
    b, dont tell ANYONE that ur growing and keep it small and stelthly.

    or c, move to a country where u can grow it legal.

    oh or d, change the law by campaining etc etc....

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