Police wear protection to avoid getting high

Discussion in 'General' started by thcartoonvision, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Yeah, that jacket sure looks protective!
  2. damn, i wish they would get baked and realize what they're doing is wrong.
  3. lol fuck pigs
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    They aren't getting "high" persay...but actually from a lot of cannabis, the terpenes are very easily given off and inhaled just from smell, which can induce feelings of relaxation. It contributes to the high of the cannabis we experience, and is responsible for the contact high bud tenders and I guess DEA agents get while being around large quantities of cannabis. It's actually not complete BS, it just isn't THC that's getting them high.
  5. So it was way smellier than normal they just decided to look cool and put pointless outfits on to confuse the gullible and please those who oppose it and pay the DEA's salary
  6. I want those 3 million joints to verify it's marijuana.
  7. Fucking cunts.
  8. well theyre cops brothaman they cant get high
  9. Haha maybe a mask...

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