police took my backpack at traffic stop-say they need search warrant

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  1. Police searched my friends car yesterday, I didn't allow it, they said that they smelled weed and the dog apparently did too...but since they were finally allowed to search by my friends parents (long story) they searched and found my backpack. I said it was mine and that they could not take it. (they took it to the station saying they had to apply for a warrant, but they were talking about how they both smelled it, so i'm guessing that won't be hard)

    They said that it clearly smelled like marijuana, and one of the cops was feeling around the backpack and probably felt the bag of weed....so my question is, how easy will it be for them to get a warrant to finally search my bag?

    Also, when they do search it i have a ziploc bag with about a quarter ounce of FAKE WEED, meaning i picked this off a tree cause i thought it was funny....Inside this fake quarter is 3 dub bags, 2 dubs of bud and 1 dime of bud(maybe a little less).

    So I am pretty sure that they will get the warrant today, I will get the papers and whatnot(I live in new jersey btw) but if i ask for a discovery, is it possible that they will just check the fake and i get off scottfree? idk just keeping my hopes high....

    any input is greatly appreciated! :rolleyes:
  2. I doubt they will come search some guys backpack a day later
  3. Well youre typing this out obvously so the.cops arent with u..wheres da bag atm? Cant u empty it right now lol

  4. They took the bag he said.
    I don't see a cop caring all that much to go through that much trouble for marijuana possession though..
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    It's called reading comprehension.

    The bag is at the station and he isn't.

    Dude, you live in a medical state.... You should have just told the cops you had a little weed on you and took the slap on the wriste... Now your makeing them get search warrants??

    Lieing to the cops isn't worth it. Especially over weed which is a $50 ticket in most states.

  6. Actually, i live in the strictest medical state in the country...unless you're dying you're not getting medical.

    Also 50 dollar ticket my ass! I'm getting at least a few months probation man....and for everyone else, my bag is at the station. Cops in my town loveeee marijuana cause its the only *crime* that goes on around here. They thrive off kids like me
  7. Sorry but I could see them giving you intent to sell charges. you had 3 bags wrapped up individually plus a 1/4 of fake weed.

    you could get lucky and the cops just took your stuff and never made a report.
  8. faackkk....and btw reason for pulling me over, reckless driving, even though i knew cop was tailing us and i was mad safe. it was pooring rain, going speedlimit carefully driving down the street. he said i was swerving!!
  9. If they took your bag to the station without a warrant it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer immediately and get it back before they get a warrant. Warrants take around a week to pass through and get all the signatures they need but they aren't allowed to take your backpack until they have one. If you can get a lawyer to document the improper search techniques used by the officers the evidence will be immiscible in court.

  10. if you get some heavy charges you might want to get a lawyer. get the dash board cam of the cops cruiser. if it shows you driving fine and not recklessly then he had zero reason to pull you over. THROWN OUT OF COURT
  11. Just got off the phone with a lawyer, it will be impossible to get my backpack back at this point. They are applying for a warrant which they will get, according to this lawyer, because of the judge in our town...So they will test it and according to him they will probably just charge me with possession. So at this point I am going to enter not guilty for reckless driving so that I can hopefully in the future get rid of all the charges by saying no reason to pull me over.....
  12. Doesn't seem worth it to do that man, should have just said you have a few dime bags. If the cops are truly out to get marijuana as you say, then they'll diligently search that shit and probably find it. Best case scenario they see its fake and just dump it in the trash instead of searching through it.

    How bad would they have fucked you for a few grams of weed? You could always get a lawyer too, you'd probably get off with a fine or some shit if you got a decent lawyer.
  13. nah even the lawyer just said i played it right. you don't know the cops in my area. They say that if you are easy to work with it they make it easier for you, but they don't. I get the same charges no matter how hard i make it for them to find it. So I'd rather drag it out, and have the small chance of a loophole or something rather than just let them have it. They will charge you with the same thing either way.
  14. damn lol you guys are really overestimating nj....we still have harsh weed laws. and in my area cops have nothing better to do, drugs(mainly weed) is the only crime that goes on.

  15. sad I bet they go home every night drink a few beers or have an alcoholic beverage or 2 maybe slap the wifey around a little but u cant smoke a little refer the worlds gotta change
  16. you just got robbed man
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    Its called "i only scimmed the thread" so fuck you
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    They already have it

  19. Obviously not very well. lol
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    Yeah haha, it was long so I skipped a few paragraphs

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