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  1. With the rise of the American military state and inevitable martial law a lot of people have been living under the idealist delusion that oh, "American troops are good they would never fire on their own"

    Well, lets just ignore the 100% of all historical evidence showing that they always do. Lets talk hypotheticals.

    Lets say the some soldiers get ordered to go to a specific place and arrest some specific people. Say there are a lot of these people. Its a rally or gathering on private property.

    Say the commanding officer told them it was an anarchist rally and posed a terrorist threat.

    Obviously they are going to pick troops that will.follow the orders. They have their psych profiles and their history. They wouldn't send a Marxist soldier from.California to arrest some "reds" in LA. They are going to send the conservative troops from south Carolina of something.
    Is it so hard to see American troops arresting Americans?

    Slowly over time is how it happens. Its how it happened in the USSR. Its how it happened in nazi Germany.

    They will slowly start eliminating the opposition before it forms. Socialists. Anarchists. Mentally ill people (who by new definitions will include people who have anger paranoia or even just a problem with authority.

    The people these troops will be fighting in their eyes are not their American bretheren but dangerous threats to society.

    We all know about ndaa and the patriot act. We all read the story about the anarchist hippie vegan couple that got arrested not too long ago. And the dude who was posting revolution stuff on Facebook and got arrested by 3 different law enforcement agencies at the same time. Or the story where the drone pilot killed a kid and was told it was a dog.

    Wake.up people. Its happening now.

    If you don't see America turning into the new Soviet union then your aren't paying very close attention.

    But who cares right? If you don't vote for Obama your gay friend will never be able to get married. Police state? Foil hat herpa deep!
  2. Sad but true. Although we might have more time then we think. I thought back in 2008 that Obama would have only taken a few months to do everything he has done by now. I guess I thought it was going to be more like how Hitler came to power and soon after Shit hit the fan.

    Basically until they disarm we the people, we are relatively safe. Them wanting to ban semi-auto scares the shit out of me.
  3. I think there are too many of us. What of the families and people we are connected to that don't share our ideas? That's even more people who I doubt wouldn't be okay with it.

    What will the soldier from California think about the southern soldiers gathering people in LA? Could be his family or friends if anything.

    Europe has always been brutal toward each other till nukes came about. We are one nation though. Hard to tell.
  4. In order to enslave any free people first you must disarm them.

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