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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bWxs3ZZ7gE]Martial Law Police State 2012: The Coming 2nd American Revolution - YouTube[/ame]



  2. Alright what I want to know is.....

    HOW THE FUCK does Kony20bullshit have millions and millions of views and this video has 2,000?????

    Fuck... we're so screwed........ Our only hope is to have some decent people in the military that can resist their brainwashing and WON'T fire on citizens
  3. Waiting....

    No ones gonna do anything unfortunatly.

  4. Well I think the least anyone should do is to post this video to their facebook and ask their friends to spread the word!

    Forget about Kony, let's worry about AMERICA!

  5. The military will mostly be on our side that's why obama wants to destroy it and build up his own army of citizens who are loyal to him like hitler did, plus people should be buying guns and ammo while they still can
  6. Am I too high or is the song at the end saying "save ron paul"?
  7. America cannot be saved, not salvageable.

    Circling the drain.

  8. not true we just need to overthrow the government and get back to the constitution we greatly outnumber them and they know it
  9. Obama is raising is own personal army loyal to the government.
  10. that was a pretty fuckign stupid video lol
  11. stockin up on that there 9mm and .308

  12. Ur a stupid video
  13. fuck the police state 2012...revolution 2012!
  14. Crazy theory,but what if this whole Treyvon Martin case gets blown so big by the media that riots start to break out, like they did in Oakland back in the 90s?:confused:

    Obama would use his powers, shit could get ugly real quick. :eek:
  15. Riots will break out once the Dollar collapses. OWS aint shit compared to what will go down once the economy gets REALLY bad and people are hungry. That's when we will see the police state in full force.
  16. Fuck that. Stock up on weed.

  17. Very true, I'd like to be gne before that happens, hopefully putting all my American dollars into a good boat where I can go live off of an island away from the shitstorm that America will become, and probably the whole EU. :(

  18. Same. I should be ready to leave in about a year. Hopefully the economy lasts that long.
  19. Those who own enough gold and silver will still be able to live in other countries comfortably.

    For some reason I just can't wait for the chaos to rip this fucked up society apart :hello:
  20. I grow.

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