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Police searching my home

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Josiegreen, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Alriiight, so the other day I got into trouble for shop lifting...
    and as they were going through my purse they found a VERY small amount of bud and my papes.
    Basically, the bud was just stuff that had spilled from the baggies... less than .2 even.
    I live in Germany with the Army. So the Military Police were on the case, and the Germans took it over.
    German law is different as far as searching houses goes.... however I'm not sure if they need a warrant to search my room.
    I'm supposed to be getting rid of EVERYTHING that I can use to smoke.
    i.e: my bong, my papes, my grinder, my lighters & keep it in a safe place till this is all over.
    Thing is, I don't really want to give everything away (even for a short amount of time)
    I really cannot be left without at least 1 pack of papes, a grinder, ciggs, and tips...

    My question is: Has anyone ever had their house / room searched?
    & if you have, how extensive were their searches? What'd they search?

    The German Police didn't seem to give a rats ass about me, though.
    I doubt they'll even bother searching me.
    But just in-case...

    I know they technically cant say shit about me having papes, ciggs, and all that - but long story short, I'm not allowed to have ANYTHING that I can smoke in my room. Not a thing. Its complicated, just know I can't have anything - and the excuse "i roll cigarettes" doesn't work either... because it doesn't matter - I cant smoke whatsoever.
  2. I don't know anything about German laws or anything...but searching your house over trace amounts of weed in your purse seems a bit overkill. I don't really think they'd go to that extent over shoplifting.

    My friend has had her house raided by cops though. They destroyed her house. They'll tear shit apart, break lightbulbs and they won't even have to fix anything or pay for anything. But her brother sold drugs out of it that's why they raided it so i don't know how it would be for your situation, if they even searched your house.
  3. If you KNOW that your going to get searched. Put ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING illegal (bud, resinated pipes ect..) in a box and bury it somewhere safe.
  4. i dont see why you are worried, if the MP know you have weed your outta Germany :(
  5. hide your shit, ze germans are coming!

  6. Pretty much this. I don't know about in Germany, but in the US the cops will pretty much destroy your house if they think you have something they want to find... Really sad it is
  7. lolll ze Germans are coming!
    yeaaa man jus give it away, you can buy rolling papers anywhere, give it up for a little bit lol, common u can go without for a day, but we dont have to HA sorry im high

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