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  1. does anybpdy else have a popo scanner? i always have mine on set to the police station in my town and i am always hearin sum crazy shit on it. this morning there was a guy who was tryin to jump off a bridge n i was listenin to all the police chatter n shit. ive even saved a few of my friends who were bein searched for by the cops, told em were to go so they wouldnt find em.

    if you dont have a scanner u should get one!
  2. I honestly don't know but are they legal?
  3. i guess in some places you can stream it over the internet but not where i'm at
  4. haha sounds entertaining but yeah I would get one if I knew how
  5. Yes, they are legal. I bought mine at radio shack, it was about $70.
  6. I've got two. A huge one in my basement, and a portable one in my car. They're really funny to listen to baked.
  7. I have no idea why they are legal but w/e. We have used them before if we are having a fire in the woods or something. Come in handy
  8. I think it's illegal to have one in your car. don't hold me to that, though.
  9. I've heard a lot of stories pertaining to someone having a scanner in their car, and everyone said it was illegal. So with the majority of people saying it's illegal to have in your car, I guess so, otherwise, you're scot-free.

    I would love to have one right now though, sure would explain why I seen nothing but ETF and police helicopters up the street last night...
  10. ya that wouldnt surprise me if it was illegal to be in your car.
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    here's an online police scanner: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/

    there is a really good one out there online that's free, I'm tryin' to find it now. I'll post back if I do.
  12. nice, i was just listening to one of chicagos stations...needless to say, the popo stay VERY busy there lol
  13. The police scanners themselves are not illegal..
    But to have the police codes programmed are..
    My cousin had a cop program his..
    An he was warned that it was illegal if caught with it..

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