Police recruit drug users to help Identify...drug users

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  1. Crazy, like 15 miles from me. I was a little put off by the title thinking it was for 'stereotyping'. The fact that they are using it to find people driving is another story though. I believe there should be a zero tolerance for driving under the influence of anything, as far as being impaired. Let's be honest, who hasn't driven to the store to get some munchies or gone on a cruise? The issue I see is the 'under the influence' part of it, not the cops out to get drug users.
  2. right...

    either that girl has like never smoked before or that's just total bs
  3. Buy food then drugs.
  4. chicks first time to smoke is my guess, fuck i'm glad im not that dumb high
  5. It definitly makes sense though, I mean getting lit and walking to the local liquor store isn't hurting anyone, but as soon as you get in that car could die, be it yourself or someone else.
  6. Well then drive carefully. I'm not down with all the hate towards driving while under the influence of marijuana.
  7. I agree. I am a far more conscious driver when I'm high on marijuana, regardless: I think it just depends on the person driving, the person should know their own limits and act accordingly if they are capable of driving under any influence deftly or not. Sadly, some people are just idiots.
  8. the problem with society is some people ARE idiots

    no one thinks they are an idiot

    and everyone thinks everyone besides them is an idiot

    so its just a bumblefuck of idiots everywhere
  9. this is the case regardless of what substances you may or may not have ingested. i'm not saying that to support driving while high (although coincidentally i don't have a problem with it), i just don't think this is a valid reasoning for why.
  10. Not just catch them but also back it up in court. They don't want some attorney saying, "My client had an allergic reaction and was tired that day, he was never smoking marijuana" so the cops want to have more evidence to support their accusations.
  11. not helping the cops with this kind of thing is what they expect the drug users to do man, you gotta flip the script on their asses.

    but seriously if you turned that down they would stay harrassing you
  12. Drug users helping the police with the war on drugs makes about as much sense as Al Qaeda stepping in to help us in the war on terror.
  13. so now the cops are putting more people in danger by adding more hatred to the mix, nice move

    although I don't mind, its pretty much a highlighter for any police station that is ran by retarded inept cops

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