Police radio scaner is awsome

Discussion in 'General' started by junkheadrev, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Android has these apps where you listen to police radio shit.it has all the local cop stations. Its pretty bad ass
  2. You should get a real scanner then. That way you can take it anywhere and hear what's right around you. That's what people usually use them for. The online streams rely on a scanner in some location that might not be that close.
  3. you cant hear like what the cops are doing bro they are on a private channel
  4. I get stoned and put it on the mexico stations. I dont know a word of spanish, so its fun trying to interpret what they are yelling about
  5. My dosnt have mexico but it has argentina

  6. What's a "private channel"? You can't hide radio broadcasts from someone who can receive broadcasts on that frequency. You can only encode and encrypt communications, and police don't do that.

    A police scanner is just that, it receives police radio broadcasts so you can hear them. They're legal.
  7. Welcome to like 20 years ago or however long the scanners have been around man
  8. My dealer has a police scanner in his house lol.
  9. I like to look up people on facebook when their names are given over the scanner.
  10. lol, that's hilarious.
  11. 5-0 radio on the iphone is an awesome app. I like to listen to the fire/emt channels. Sadly around here its only boring stuff. Once there was a convo going on, but they switched to a private channel.
  12. This is kinda unrelated but there was this restaurant on the local airports property that had speakers on the table so you could listen in on air traffic control while looking out onto the runway. It was pretty cool.
    Also a police radio would be pretty cool to have, might even save your ass if your growing or selling
  13. I just downloaded the app haha, pretty interesting.
  14. You can actually get a felony for that lol.

    But I use to listen to the Cincinnati police all the time. Shit was awesome

  15. Police do use encryption to hide transmissions from the public. Google Open Sky technology.
    Orange County Sherrif is 800mhz motorola smartnet type 2 trunked with Encryption. Santa Monica PD is the same. A lot more agencies are moving out of the clear and into Encryption or radio over ip technology.
    Radio Reference dot com has a lot of great links to audio feedsand info on pd freqs

  16. I stand corrected. I did sorta guess that some would be encrypting their coms. It seems quite likely.
  17. Its only a crime when you are using it for one. Its perfectly legal to listen to it, but if you are using it to avoid capture, then its a crime

  18. Its a shame. I don't think Police or Fire should have to hide behind encryption on their dispatch channels. Some Tactical and sensitive channels for SWAT, Vice, Homicide, Gangs, etc should be encrypted but leave the rest open for media.. With the advent of the scanning apps on smart phones, too many Chiefs and Radio Tech's are freaking out and throwing everything into the encryption because they're afraid of criminals and the general public knowing whats really going on.

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