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police pull over question...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ron burgundy, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I was pulled over a few days ago had a t-shirt in the back that was on top of my cd player, And when the cop came up to the window he told me to move the t-shirt slowly, and I did, and when he saw nothing he pretty much left me alone, my question is do the police have a right to do this, if i had bud under the t-shirt can I say no i don't want to remove the t-shirt and show them the bud?, seeing how its not in plain view (the bud) can i be searched?
  2. they have no right, thats considered a search if your vehicle, and thanks to the fourth amendement you dont have to consent to it unless the cop has probable cause to believe there is illegal shit in your car, if it were bud you should have said no and when you get out of your car lock it and dont consent to shit and tell him that you invoke your 4th 5th and 6th amendement, 4th allows for no unjustifible searches, 5th allows you not to incrimenate yourself by saying theres drugs and shit in your car when asked, and 6th allows you to refuse to answer any questions until you have consulted waith or your lawyer is present hope this helps

    you should search busted, its a video that helps with these kinds of scenarios
  3. In this case I am not sure because the way you say he acted he may have thought it was a gun. But you still have your rights.
  4. Busted is a great video, I just posted it in another thread

    Here It is again
  5. true but dont you think you'd put your gun under the seat, so it cant slide around or from under a t shirt while being pulled over

    i would have asked why he wanted to move it first, and if he said he thinks theres a gun under it i'd say, or sorry but no guns here and moved, but if there was a loaded gun with no permit, i would fly straight
  6. from what ive obsereved, the police commit crimes only to solve them.
  7. dude that was great, +rep for that one liner, but its so true man
  8. yea, i made it up when i was writing a song(play guitar) and realized who it applies to......piggy wiggies
  9. He had every right to do what he did, it's called the Plain Sight rule, if something in plain view looks suspicious they can look at it or make you move it.
  10. after the patriot act was signed they can do whatever they want:mad:
  11. yo whats up i got pulled over back in april nd got a ticket for a pipe and am going to court on tuesday and i just got pulled over for the biggest bullshit ive ever seen and i should all my froends i chill with the video and now we all know our rights and know eactly what to say when we got pulled over and it worked perfictly so and we got away with a half oz of some bomb ass sour diesel i paid 170 for so i recomened this video to everyone
  12. if you wouldve told him no good chance he would have bullshitted you to do so. saying things like "ok well im going to have the k9 unit come out and walk around your car so we'll no if theres any firearms or drugs in the car." they pretty much do what they want. im no lawyer, but i always tell the police im in law school HA :)

  13. Haha, the way I look at it is...the cops basically can do whatever they want, we all know that right? If they want to search your car, and you say no...they very well could do it if they pleased. They could search your whole car, find a cut of weed hidden under some user manuals in a locked glove compartment, arrest you for it and take you to the police station.

    Now of course they just broke a bunch of laws, but what can you do...well there is a lot, but only if you have the money, or connections to do so.

    Usually in the situation of drugs, it's not a real court, what I mean is that you don't really have much of a chance to fight your case, or speak for yourself. It's usually just a judge, telling you you're on probation..and repremanding you and all that fun stuff.

    You can definatley appeal it (even though it will take 3 months to get a date) with a lawyer and even then its still your word against the cops. but the truth is, most people (especially us who usually are younger) can't afford a lawyer, and can't afford to miss work to go to court again and going through all that would end up being pointless (you might get some satisfaction out of knowing you fought for your rights, and even still thats just if you win)

    The way I see it is...if the cop wants to fuck you over, he can. That's why I always show plenty of respect (even though it makes my stomach turn) and cooperate.

    If a cop tells you to move a shirt, and you don't...he could acctually do what he's supposed to do and respect your rights, but more likley he'll know somethings up, and know he'll be one step closer to his damn monthly quota if he busts you. So he'll do whatever he can to add some spice to his boring life...and find out what it is you're hiding.
  14. i couldnt have said it better float. thats exactly true. if my rights get badly violated i might just snap. the people whos salary i pay, and whos job is to protect me fuck me over, drives me crazy. ugh.

    do you think theirs really a monthly quota? ive asked so many officers that question and they say no.
  15. i know for sure the police in my hometown have them. becuase if its been a slow month once it comes down to the last 2 or 3 days the TRAFFIC cops are everywhere.

    "were here for your safty" MY FUCKING ASS, traffic cops are nothing but revenue collectors now. all that "for your safty" bullshit is out the window :mad:
  16. yeah this country's law enforcemnt sucks a big one.

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