Police man smelled my ball sweat

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  1. So was smoking in my friends car, he had in the car just under a bar off your average auto flowering buds! Next thing scum roll up, I toss the roach on the floor & my personal down my boxers. Police say they smell something funky, we get out they start searching, find the roach my friends is freaking out with around a bar under his hand break. Being a man not a mouse I say that roach is mine, me being blazed I forgot that the weed is in my boxers, police man tells me to give him the weed so I start searching the car with him for it, & I'm thinking at this point SHIIIT, he's gonna find the mother load!! Then I remembered it was in my boxers. So I let him search go over to the other officer and pull the weed out my boxers he replies "fuck you doing, give it to him" so the other officer who was still searching turns round not knowing where it was :devious: !! He picks the bag up says its warm, damp also takes a massive smell looks at it like " DAH FUCK IS THAT?" me my friend & the other officer start laughing then he clicked on he just sniffed some of the finest cheese :cool:

    Yeah anyway pigs fine me £50.. Still worth his face & them only finding roughly 2Gram instead of a bar :D
  2. wait.. what?
  3. Lol bruh funny shit... i just read the title and laughed lol
  4. Why did you give them the weed if they were searching the car
  5. I was surprised his partner was laughing honestly all of us were in tears, no wonder he filed the report:(
  6. Answer the question
  7. Well I either gave over my personal 2Gram or my friend gets caught with a Bar? Easy choice lads!!
  8. why were you blazing in the whip if you had a bar.. you crazy cuz :devious: :D

    and i hope ya boy sorted you out for saving his nuts!
  9. Well arent you special
  10. Wait so you had 2 grams in your boxers, and the cop found the roach, you say it was yours then the cop asks you for the weed, and you pulled it out???

    coulda just said that the roach was all there was
  11. Cause we had just picked it up & I wanted a smoke lol :( he gave me a free 1/4 :)
  12. If I said the roach was all to the copper they wouldn't of believed me kept searching & found the stash but?
  13. mothafucka wit ur slang terms what the fuck is a bar
  14. ^I want to know too man but... we can't talk about other drugs... I hate saying that.
  15. That's so embarrassing that you're constantly walking around with damp underwear. You can get medicine prescribed by a dermatologist to help with over sweating. So you don't have to deal with soggy underwear 24/7

    Also I agree that giving up the crotch sweat stained two grams is better than your "bar". So you did come out a winner blade
  16. I didnt say i walked around like that... Just can't be helped at times like sweating in fear of getting caught with 9 ounce? That would produce some ball sweat.
  17. lmao dude u jus made my night.

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