Police Lead to Legalization?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by BoSmashed, May 22, 2010.

  1. With all the recent actions of the police all around the US, with unconstitutional seizures of property, and their obvious bias against weed, will they be the catalyst for weed becoming legal? I know that legislation to legalize marijuana is right around the corner, but I believe that this will be one of the many times that states will vote on legalization.

    What if the ridiculous actions of Government agencies and police will trigger a thought in many peoples heads around the US, that things are not all right in America? I see many civil cases in the near future pertaining to marijuana seizure and the abuse of power that the police exhibit. I wonder if the legalization will be caused by a lapse in judgement by the police. Just a thought.

  2. no because half the population is sucked into their madness. thats like saying the secret black ops run around the world by the US government would be a catalyst to over throw the government...

    most times the police cover their tracks, what they cant cover the government steps in and says some bullshit that puts the country at temporary ease.
  3. I think that is definitely a possibility, but I also think that people will start realize the positive uses of cannabis into the legalization too. The government can't keep theses things hidden forever.

  4. True, people should search for truth, rather than being satisfied with convenience.

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