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  1. One day, me and my friends were smoking at a park. What we though to be a police heli flew over us and circled the park about 2 times. One of my friends flipped off the helicopter and we decided to leave the park. As we left the park, we saw a group of other friends about to sesh. About an hour later, we come back to the park and the people we passed said that as they sparked up their j, 2 cops walked up to them and asked what they were doing. They claimed to be looking for taggers, but who knows. They didnt get in trouble, they hid the joint before the cops came.

    What does the police force use their helicopters for? Spotting potential criminal activity from the air? Looking for grow ops in thermal cam? Is there any correlation to my friends middle finger to the heli and those 2 cops that rolled up to the park?
  2. From my understanding, cops really only use the helicopter when they need to, they don't just patrol around in it
  3. Does anyone know where to obtain the specifications and technology used in the American Eurocopter EC120?
  4. well if it was at night they could've been looking for street racers. i stopped going to the meets because the cops would fly around for a bit then the cops would show up and make everyone leave.
  5. ive been growing in a cornfeild next to my house for a couple years now and a couple times theres been helos flying above while ive been out waterin em. never had any trouble with police coming to my house not even sure if they were police helicopters but still get nervous cus never know if they can see you or pick out the spot i cut down the corn
  6. It's to bust kids smoking joints those copters have the latest weed smoking detection technology
  7. surely you must be mistaken to ever assume that a simple middle finger could be visible from a helicopter, AND be worrisome enough for the police to come looking...
  8. Nope. They were probably actually looking for something/someone. Police dont generally just fly around in a helicopter.
  9. facepalm

    yea you're gonna go to prison for 25 to life
  10. the chopper only comes out for felonies. serious ones at that.

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