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Police don't troll these forums do they ???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Midnighttoker097, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. no, its all over the place. becareful what you click on. the markets are all pretty much down right now though. new ones pop up all the time. but it doesnt take long for them to get shut down because everyone throws the site names around instead of being discreet (drugs).
  2. I thought it was all bull crap about the dark net.... scammers and police galore..

    Who ever trusts Internet is asking for it...
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  3. Yeah would think users & customers would learn by now & keep it quiet so not to alert the authorities
  4. Oh yeah police definitely look at these forums. I recieve alot of messages asking about where to get weed.
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  5. ive never purchased anything from it. i dont trust anyone lol.
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  6. On silk Road which I'm currently watching a documentary about says that you can buy anything you want just so long as you have access to a computer & Bitcoin but the people working on silk road I believe would be totally dishonest about it so I wouldn't put it past them to sell & post synthetic weed or a more dangerous version of an already illegal drug
  7. They're no cops watching this forum!..LMAO
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  8. UK police are my main concern
  9. OK then.
    (Seriously, I guess one or two in their spare time, or a rookie trying to make a name)
    British cop.gif
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  10. UK Police are my main concern ; fucking waste of space they are if you're being robbed or assaulted they don't want to know but if you have weed on you they're there in a fucking flash . They seem to love making weed arrests
  11. You Know Midnighttoker097..Your Avatar gave me an idea..Gonna make some weed pizza tomorrow;)
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  12. silkroad is dead. so is silkroad 2.0... a new one is coming but ................................... ya know ;)
  13. That's because the weed arrests make news and they can get their names or even a picture in the paper. There was a bust of a commercial grow In Mass (legal state..and wow..the growers even had real special plant food..lol). The idiots valued each plant at over $15,000 USD..Bleh to them all.
  14. The top 6 underground markets are offline. There are individuals still with private .onion sites. Some with good reviews. But i still wouldnt trust them. and youre not going to get the site names from me. Sorry
  15. Yes and that is exactly why it always happens to those types because they are too fucking stupid and they go and draw attention to themselves & someone hears / see's them behaving in a strange way like they're up to something & the police watch them they could've been watching them for days , months even and then at the right moment when they have caught them in the act red handed [​IMG]
  16. How can pigs use a computer if they don't have fingers? [​IMG]
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  17. Police in the USA have even followed people home from their grow shop while buying small supplies..Dumb way to spend our tax $$.
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  18. Those are GREAT ways to spend tax dollars IMO. What better way to go out on the town then to have an escort making sure you stay safe at all times? Better than having a dog!

    Look how it turned out for Whitney Housten...... in that movie of course.
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  19. But they can fly..LOL
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  20. I was just watching a vid earlier today actually about a guy who didn't even grow weed he literally grows vegetables and shit and he got raided. People were commenting about how leaving a grow shop could've been why they did it. (Of course they said that a "neighbor complained" cause you know it's always an "anonymous" tip because fuck the 4th amendment. Thank our pal Georgie bush for wiping his ass with that when he made the ironically named "patriot" act)

    But yeah anyway other people said they've left a grow shop and gotten pulled over and interrogated about their perfectly legal grow supplies. I mean if you're gonna be a useless piece of shit that harasses people for simply growing a piece of nature at least be smart about it and wait until they've actually broken the law.
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