Police Department May Confiscate College Dorm Because Students Use Drugs

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  1. Police Department May Confiscate College Dorm
    Posted by CN Staff on March 17, 2003 at 07:03:32 PT
    By National Center for Public Policy Research
    Source: CNSNews.com

    McIntosh College is a small New Hampshire college of about 950 students that specializes in career-oriented education. Soon some of the students may find that training for a successful career isn't their only challenge: finding a place to live may be as well.
    That's because the local police department, after arresting nine current and former McIntosh students on drug charges in August 2002, wants to confiscate the school's dormitory at 181 Silver Street in Dover under federal civil forfeiture laws.

    Of the nine current and former students arrested, four faced charges relating to marijuana possession and/or sales. Two were charged with selling marijuana and/or Ecstasy, Valium and Zoloft.

    Police chief William Fenniman said that over the past year another dozen or so current or former McIntosh students have been arrested on similar charges. Based on the results of a two-month undercover investigation, he termed the Silver Street dorm as an "open air drug market," although he reported that most of the undercover drug buys at the dorm occurred in the dorm parking lot or at a gas station across the street.

    To seize the building, the police department must prove that the college ignored the illegal activity on its property.

    College President David McGuire said the school has provided the police department with tips on illegal drug activity and increased security on campus. It also had increased the number of live-in directors at the dormitory and had kicked some of the suspects out of the school.

    Fenniman acknowledged that there would be "legal hurdles" the to police department's confiscation of the school dormitory, but added: "I think we can get over them."

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    Complete Title: Police Department May Confiscate College Dorm Because Students Used Drugs

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  2. good fucking dumbass's why would you sell drugs while you were in college?
  3. why wouldn't you?
  4. Hah, shit - You don't realize an opportunity when it presents itself, do you?
  5. why would anyone illegally buy or sell zoloft? I didn't think so but maybe it has some benzo properties? I thought it was just an MAOI.

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