Police Caught on Tape Beating Homeless Man

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  1. Two Fresno police officers are under an internal investigation following the release of a video tape showing the officers beating a homeless man.

    The cop hit the guy so hard he hurt his own hand, Stupid cop!

    Police Caught on Tape Beating Homeless Man

  2. "he was resisting arrest and obviously posed a dangerous threat to us, as he showed signs of being under the influence of a drug, likely to have been the notorious, dangerous schedule I narcotic. the substance known as... Marihuana."
  3. Bump cause stupid cops should not get away with stuff like this!:devious::devious::devious::devious::devious::devious:
  4. That's bullshit. Cops like that piss me off! I can't believe the stuff they get away with because of their power trip..
  5. I must admit i laughed a little before watching the video(i'm going to hell ain't i)

    But now after watching the video i am disgusted. That man was not resisting arrest at all. No need for that level of physical violence.
    The guy that hit him should lose his badge IMO.
  6. Kind of curious what the Bum did. Did the video have audio I didn't have audio on.
  7. and death penalty. Fuck the police.
  8. yeah fuck loosing his badge! he should have his balls cut off and shoved up his anus till they come out of his mouth.
  9. I'm sooooo glad they filmed this.
    Fucking pigs should be leaded in coart for assault.
  10. Disgusting, arent you glad we have such level headed compassionate cops protecting us?

    Between this video, and the one of that football player being denied to see his dying mother i just dont even know what to think about cops anymore
  11. Jesus christ that made me FUCKING SICK! What the fuck is going on? I hope those two police men get their asses fucked in jail. (even though the worst that will happen to them is they will lose their job. ) They deserve unforgivable things.
  12. fuck the police ...... anybody seen that thing with the wallets
  13. yet again, fuckin cops.
  14. Pigs man. i think the job they do is invaluable but police officers can be just that, pigs.
  15. He def. should loose his badge, the homeless dude was barely resisting, i've been in that position and what looks like resisting half the time is not being able to move your body the way they want cuz they are all on ya :p. Are cops allowed to punch people period :confused:

  16. hahaha i mean cops should never hit someone. but ill bet money that bum was throwing some good insults at them.
  17. oh, united states. how i love thee and your legal system. fuckin dumb inbred pig piece of shit probably won't even receive the slightest of punishments for this.
  18. Who watches the watchmen?
  19. some random hobo now sits in lawn chairs next to his new mansion and new pool smokin some dank all paid by the people certified to protect us.

  20. in all honestly im happy that was not me trying to arrest that cop, i much rather kick back and criticize him!lol :smoking::smoking:

    i would of probably kicked his ass also for making me deal with him :devious::devious:

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