police busted grow operation

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bassist1217, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. in a field. BEHIND MY HOUSE! turns out my neighbor had 36 plants growing on the edge of some corn. i wish i'd have known about that.:smoking:
  2. Why? So you could get busted as an accomplice?

    reeeeeaaaaal smart
  3. no so he could go pinch some nuggets here and there...who has to know? :)
  4. yup. share the love. :)
  5. shit son, there was a time at overgrow.com people would bitch slap you for talking like that. where did they go? why are we stuck with this?
  6. Ya cuz I'm sure you would love it if some punk stole from your garden,

    Fucking inconsiderate kids.
  7. not a lot. just a bowl here and there if i was starting to run low on weed.
  8. shit who wouldnt take ganja if they stumbled upon some outdoors, honestly? It's illegal anyway..

  9. yeah, and breaking the law is BAD.
  10. Don't steal cannabis, don't steal period. That's just bad Ju-ju all around. Seriously though, a lot of time and effort goes into crops.
  11. I can't see any stoner walking by some plants and not taking some. Put yourself in that position. It would be real dick to take a lot or fuck it up or steal the plants but if I ever found a plant I'd definitely take a few colas.
  12. So the blades are turning to thievery now?
  13. I know where a grow op is in my town, but I would never go pinch bud from it. Bad karma man u dont steal
  14. A few colas? That is more than "some". WTF. I bet you'd smoke them wet and then say the weed you smoke (bought) is wayyyyy better and the stuff you stole was trash anyway without drying it out and curing it properly first.

    If you ever find some plants, just remember, those could be the same plants you get your weed from and if you fuck up this growers effort one day he might decide it isn't worth it and booyah another good connect gone. Sad days when the drought come 'round.

    Listen up newbies. Leave the growing to the growers, the selling to the sellers and if you are "just a smoker/stoner" either get a new cliche or pony up that dough if you want my smoke or become someone higher up the chain than your current position.
  15. if i had a grow like that i wouldnt care if my neighbor pinched a gram or two
  16. jah
    a link would be cool dude, id like to see how large the op was. i know theres gotta be one:smoking::smoking:
  17. Pinching from someone else's cache just seems like bad weed karma to me. Like, if you did it, you might not be able to find any for seven years, or all your plants will die, or something like that.

    Pity about the guy's operation, though. Of course, growing outdoors doesn't seem to be a terribly smart idea to begin with ...

  18. No. so if they didn't get caught he could get weed....................
  19. Wow I don't get how pinching a few bowls from 36 plants is so bad. If it's one lonely plant, then back off, but the grower knows what kind of business he's in and sometimes you just gotta take a loss.
  20. I wouldnt, but if i was in desprete need of bud..I would take some and just leave a few dollars under a rock right near the plant, just to be respectful...

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