Police Bust 2 houses in one month, Growing Cannabis

Discussion in 'General' started by CSn0w, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. So this month 2 housees have been busted that were turning into Grow Houses, im starting to get sketchy because everytime the police wouldnt release their names, and say both incidences werent even called in as a drug related Call, im thinking they're trying to keep growers chill till they find leads on other local growers, btw, this is freaking me out most because i knew both of the growers, i sure hope im not next, i still have 6 weeks of flowering.
  2. Probably not too smart saying all that on here then bro, don't ya think?

  3. well i doubt they check GC, and also, when i post on here, i dont use my own IP Address. lol
  4. Haven't you seen CSI shows? They will find you on camera, zoom in, and see you typing in that user name. Next they grab a face shot, zoom in, and analyze. Boom, you're busted! :smoke:
  5. lmao, i havent told anyone about my grow room except the other growers i trust in this town, which is why im calling some friends to see if i can set up in their house.

    along with this great city.
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    man i wouldn't have told anyone unless you live in a decriminalized state like cali..oklahoma has some of the worst cultivation laws in the country carrying a penanty of 2 years to life!? for 1000 plants or less....with that type of time hanging over their heads someone will snitch in hummingbirds heartbeat
    I'd move
  7. What he said.

    Oklahoma needs it's religious fanatics to survive, and you sir, are poisoning jesus with you growing habits :)
  8. yeah... there's a pretty large storm coming here between "Freedom from religion" and All the churches, it's mainly Methodists, Baptists, and Pentecostals. and i know it is, but for this plant im willing to do the work that needs to be done, my entire family has done it, and passed it onto me. even though they made me learn everything by myself. T_T

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