Police broke two of my flowering plants.... :( what the fuck?

Discussion in 'General' started by POWskier, Jan 29, 2014.

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    My neighbors next door are complete assholes. I try to help them out with stuff around their house and I am always friendly too them, but when they noticed me smoking a joint on the deck this passed summer they changed. They started calling the police on very small stuff and threatened to damage my car one time since I parked in front of their house apparently they think its their spot but it's on the street and people always park anywhere. I usually just ignore my neighbors now.
    Today they called the police on me, saying that they saw me moving marijuana plants through a window and they said it stinks like weed. This is the second time they have called the police for my weed grow, but thankfully I was home the first time.
    My roommate had gone outside to to laundry in the laundry room and the police came and entered through an unlocked door then looked through the whole house while my roommate was out. He came back to police carrying out plants, and freaked out at them. 4 more police came and the roommate showed them that 4 mmj patients were a part of the grow and its all for personal use. All 4 of us had copies of our ID's and recommendations posted on the wall and the police failed to even notice them, I am at a loss how they couldn't see them. Big sign in the room says, "If you are law enforcement read this." then there is a statement, stating the status of the medical marijuana grow and how many plants are present. 
    They ended up leaving but broke 2 big plants that had 3 weeks left of flower :cry:. Is there a way they can compensate me because these plants took SOOO LONG to grow and it wasn't free to grow either. 
    My neighbors have done this twice. Last time the police came saw everything and they left. 

  2. murder rampage....GOO
  3. You expect the police to compensate you? For real? Like no joke, you legit asking this?
  4. Where do you live?
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    Yeah because now I'm only going to get around an ounce of weed personally after 5 months of growing. Those two plants had so many buds on them. The main stock is snapped. Easily would have had at least triple the amount of weed and its my property. Are they not accountable? The police basically broke into my house. 
    My neighbors are liars though because there is no way they could see me moving plants. 
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    Sucks since you are legal on a state level, however with this kind of thing I'd be a lot more discrete when working with your plants. The first thing I do when I plan on harvesting is I go through the house and I close the blinds in every room so that someone won't see me the off chance im walking by holding a plant. It's still in the legal grey area enough that unfortunately I would exercise caution. Not to mention you have to worry about neighbors calling the police, what if they had been the kind of people who called up a friend to rob you? It's best to keep that stuff on the down low, even when legal.
    EDIT: they will not compensate you for your plants. You're going to have to cut your losses. Be happy you are legal so you can continue to grow. In a few months you can grow plenty more weed.
    EDIT 2: when you say broke, did they uproot them and confiscate them or just fuck em up so you they thought it was ruined? If so then salvage it and make hash. 3 weeks premature should make some pretty decent hash, better than nothing.
  7. You need a lock on the grow room door, 2 pit bulls and paperwork on the grow room door.
    Tighten up security. You got a bit too comfortable.
    Sorry man, hope you get some harvest.
    Wait what? They walked in with no warrant? Unlocked, or wide open? Because they'd need to show that on video.Call a lawyer dude. I'll bet he goes all pro bono upside their ass. I'd sue the shit out of them.
    now you'll need to find something for the anxiety of not feeling safe in your own home. I suggest Cannabis........
    That is fucked up. SUE SUE SUE. That's a million dollar plant to you right now. can't you fix it? Like some molasses in the break and tape or something? I'd do some experimenting.
  9. You need to start locking your doors man. Especially if you have a grow. Of course cops will walk right through an unlocked door. And if your neighbors have called the fuzz on you before, you should have known better already! Lock your doors!
    Sorry to hear about your busted plants though. I doubt there's anything you can do about it that wouldn't cost more than it's worth.
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    They walked in the house through a door that was unlocked. It was definitely closed. It fucking annoys me because there was a sign right in front of their faces in the grow room that has all the medical marijuana paperwork and I labeled it how the police told me. They looked hella stupid when the other police showed up and they had already pulled two plants when there was a big sign right as they entered the room with the other police.
    Its the second time they have been to my house. The first time the police seemed like they knew what they were doing, but this time they were taking shit out of my house and the neighbors that are fucks were just watching from their yard. :mad:
    Contact a local lawyer, and contact your local ACLU. Your rights have been violated my man,. And whether or not Cannabis is legal or not...they had no warrant, no just cause, no probable cause. No one was in danger.......A lawyer will probably do it Pro Bono for a 60/40 split (in his favor) and I'll bet your local PD settles out of court. Take that money and buy yourself a very nice and elaborate aeroponic or hydroponic grow locker with a good ventilation system and some nice seed varieties. hell, you might get enough to buy your own place and thank those fuckhead neighbors for the hookup.
  12. Its sad how its always somebody Else's problem with you. Neighbors need to mind their business, if they threatened to damage your car then do what they did get them for harassment.  
  13. If that was the a local Leo what was the reason for them being able to do that ? I feel like more and more the police are doing more aggressive things with less and less explanation. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. I'd just tighten things up, learn some discretion and write it off. Ya fucked up and ya gotta pay the price. You could try to turn it into a big shit fit, but you'd probably just invite more misery into your life.
    LOL, I grew illegally for years and no one knew a thing, now it's legal and you go and throw yourself under the bus.
  15. Holy shit that makes me so angry at ur neighbours ... Close minded assholes ... There most likely brainwashed listening to a record on repeat ALL DRUGS BAD BAD BAD BAD Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. I'd tell your neighbors they are legal, bring your papers with you. Then tell them to get off your ass but politely.Omega369 :wave:
    file a complaint and ask for compensation for the destroyed property...lots of precedence has been set for leo having to return plants in full health or compensate mmj patients if the medicine is destroyed.  i.e..destroy a plant, leo pays up.
  18. It's all legal property for legit patients prescribed by doctors for medical conditions. Why wouldn't they? Not much OP can do though. He might be able to sue, i'm not sure anyone would want to go down that path though, but it is all legit. That's the thing.
  19. How did OP fuck up? He's a legal cannabis patient. He said in his post there's no way his neighbors saw him moving plants, that might not even make any sense, as plants usually stay under the lights in the ventilated grow room. OP did have his rights broken, and he posted law enforcement paperwork. I would stake out the grounds and see how far you can get with this in a court of law. OP, consult a lawyer if nothing else.
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    Op said that the neighbors saw him moving plants through the windows. Like I said that's why when it's harvest time first thing I do is shut my blinds.

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