Police being incompetent

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Austria-Hungary, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. I talked to the police and told them who wrecked my car, also talked with the insurance company, only to find out the police report is the same and nothing changed, they never talked to the guy or anything. How am I supposed to trust the police when they can't get shit that actually matters in my life right?

  2. Lol "protect and serve" more like you just got served!
  3. :confused_2:   Maybe they didn't feel like changing it and charging you with a false report?
  4. The police won't do much unless
    1. It benefits them
    2. It's a misdemeanor and they want to make as much of a big thing out of it as they can
    3. Or you're on the other side of police questioning.

    The only time an officer has done anything for me is within the context of those 3

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  5. umm...welll..errr... you're not?? yeah ima go with that

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  6. Lesson learnt...don't rat on people, take matters into your own hands.
  7. Now if the thread was named police being competent, I would have been shocked.
  8. How are you supposed to trust the police? 


    Um.....you don't. 
  9. Ah mate I really hope I never find myself in a situation where I need help from police because even if they weren't naturally as ignorant as they are (and don't get me wrong I've come across good cops just not often as I do "bad" ones) every single local cop, local sheriff, and even a majority of the state highway patrol know exactly who I am and they really tend to despise me simply because I stay one step ahead of them. Sorry to hear how ignorant the piggly wigglys are in your area though that's quite unfortunate. I personally despise the police state were all living in. Our towns aren't warzones and there's no need for them to be militarizing the way that they are, regardless if that's a bit off topic it's just the way I feel my friend. I despise police almost as much as they despise me.

    But nothing's ever perfect haven't you realized this yet? Earth turns on a tilted axis just doing the best it can.
  10. When did you ever think the police where on your side????

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