Police at your high school?

Discussion in 'General' started by iTokeat420, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. My school district decided that people were selling lots of drugs in the school (drugs were sold at school, but not more than any other school).

    Anyways, because of that we now have cameras for every single hallway, as well as a cop. All the cop does it chill at the school.

    I'm not in a real big city, there is no major crimes in my city...
  2. weve always had school cops over here in tampa fl
  3. yep im right outside of tampa and we always had em too
  4. We had one school cop. He was a douche.

    We still smoked the ganja.
  5. i concur.
  6. We had a few cops, but I also went to an inner city school, so there were frequent problems.

    A couple of our few cops were cool, and one of our SRO's was my old wrestling coach :D
  7. Where at in Michigan?
  8. yea i had them to yet i still got away with buying weed, and cocaine
  9. No surprise, my schools filled with cops and we got cameras on every hallway and in the woods all around the school.
  10. ^Your sig is hard to read brah.
  11. we had one guy not even sure if he was a cop he just rode his bike thru the halls like a fuckin dickhead and gave us parking tickets. he was a fuckin retard.
  12. you think yours is easy?

  13. Mine doesn't need to be read, just appreciated.

    It's quite obvious that it says Agalloch anyway just by the first and last couple letters.

    I really had to scrutinize yours to see what it said.
  14. I care more about the search button part, but it looked to plain without somethi8ng else
  15. the first letter of 420's sig is obviously an asparagus!

  16. I prefer google over the typical search button.
  17. There was just one liason officer at my school, he didnt really do much except come in to certain classes and talk to kids about stuff. Occasionally he would go around and stop trouble.
  18. I got like 5 sheriffs and 5 cops and cameras every where. Some days we will have about 20 cops and metal detectors. Seems like a fucking prison. How the fuck do they expect us to go to school when we go and get felt up by racist cops.
  19. ^It beats getting shot by some nerd ass class mate.
  20. Yea, I guess but Id rather have are government address the problems that cause a nerd to want to shoot up a school.

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