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Police are watching my house, what to do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, well recently, I was caught with possession of paraphenilia. My inquiry/trial date is on the 11th of May.

    I thought that I was going to be safe after the trial, but my dad's girlfriend, who works with the Law, informed us that they are now watching my house.

    In addition to being watched, she said the government might preform a security check next week at our house...

    I took all my paraphenilia and buried it underground in my way backyard, about 2 feet deep.

    Is the underground operation safe? Or should I completley move it away? I don't think they would try and dig up my yard to find weed lol.

    As for the rest of my house, I cleaned any remaining baggies and seeds.

    The other thing is that I have fertilizer and soil still in my house. Hopefully this won't raise any suspicion. This was for a grow years ago.
  2. sounds good. thats fucked dude. the police should be out catching criminals, not fuckin with a stoner

  3. Yeah that's the thing, police don't just fuck with your average stoner. It's one of three scenarios

    1) This kid is full of shit and is bsing us.
    2) This kid's dad's girlfriend is full of shit and is bsing said kid.
    3) This kid is not a kid but really someone selling mad krawnikzzz and they're checkin him out.

    You decide.

  4. Not here dude... Police hate potheads. If it's illegal, it's illegal. Simple as that =/
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    1. What did you do to get the popo watching your house? Possession wouldn't cut it..
    2. This friend who 'informed' you of this, how would she know what that particular police unit was planning to do? Is she part of that police force?
    3. The GOVERNMENT 'might' perform a security check? You honestly believe that anyone is going to file for a search warrant then round up the troops for a security check over possession of paraphernalia?
    4. There is no law saying you cant own growing mediums such as lights, vents and fertilizers.. Of coarse factory scale amounts will draw unwanted attention.

    All in all, id have to say. Put down the bong, the bud is making you paranoid. Stashing you shit, better be safe then sorry, but as for searches and government security task forces... I think your fine ha

    EDIT: Oh and as for the post above, yeh its fucking illegal, you'll get done if you light up a spliff in front of a pig. But theres a difference in getting busted to getting investigated then taken down in a fucking police raid.. They're not after the paranoid kid with the plastic bong, they're after the suppliers and growers.
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    EDIT: I change my mind.

    You've been trolled.
  7. this thread is gold

  8. I was going to reply, but these 2 posts pretty much said what I had to say.
  9. Kids run their mouths. 99.9% of it is horseshit.
  10. pull a rickie and go out there and tell them to fuck off
  11. Lol, i'm not trolling, and if anything it's my dad that's making me paranoid. He's getting all anxious and nervous and he keeps telling me that they are going to.

    He's also making my court date a really big deal, which is making life harder. I'm not trying to troll, maybe I am paranoid but I guess it's my dad that's making a bigger deal about it than it is. I'm having a really hard time sleeping at night and i'm very stressed

    All this trolling nonesense annoys me even more, come on GC, I wouldn't be wasting my life posting about something that isn't true.

    As for the whole security check thing, my dad works for the government and he has security clearences. That might have something to do with it.

    As for my age, I am an adult and I have been, but I still live at home while working part time and going to school.
  12. Go up to the car thats watching you knock on the window so he rolls it down..blow a fat toke into his face then walk away.
  13. She's either gotta be fuckin' around, or you really, really fucked up.

    "Four years just for weed?! Damn!"
  14. just walk up and say hi and let them know you see them.and that they wont catch you .mafia style lol
  15. Relax!

    I HIGHLY doubt that they'd be watching your house for a simple posession charge,in ANY state.You know how much that would cost them?ALOT!Sure it may be more strict in Maryland than here in California,but I really doubt they would go through all that trouble for you being caught with weed once.

    Sounds like your Dad's GF may just be trying to pull a fast one on you,since she is involved in law enforcment and all.

  16. man if i was you id get the soil an fertilizer outta your house..
    anything weed or drug related..
    if the cops are watchin your house they probly waitin for you to fuck up or anything like tht..
    sht if they was on my house id wait til its dark then get outta theree
  17. Common, really?

    Soil is hardly considered incrimination, you're just being paranoid.
  18. police are assholes but to watch your house over drug paraphernalia & get a search warrant for it? I highly doubt it thats absurd!
  19. Tell the cop he's got a nice moustache-gut combo.

    It'll earn you brownie points.

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