Police and a Good Backstabbing

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  1. So I get home one day and have a nice toke... I deal with the usual danger of being stoned around my mom. No worries though, because She leaves for 4 hours to run errands. "Peachy keen!" I say to myself and smoke another bowl. I'm stoned off my ass and my friend Joe calls and says that he told his mom that he and I smoke weed. At this point I'm freaking out and laughing my ass off at the same time, but I'm interrupted by a knock on the door. I attempt to look sober and open my door to find a police officer starring into my bloodshot eyes. He asks me if my brother had gone to rehab, and I confirm it. He turns to walk away, turns back to me, and sniffs. He asks me my name, I tell him. He says good bye and drove off. Scared the shit out of me. I don't know what to do about my friend stabbing me in the back like that. I always made sure to smoke him out because he's been my best friend for 6 years and he never returned the favor, and to top it off he betrays me? I haven't heard anything from my mom about it though, so it might be safe.
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  3. I would definitely give your friend some time alone unless he call's you saying he is sorry or if he tells you his situation. (He could have gotten in trouble but I don't know why he would give names out unless he is a dumb ass. And for him not smoking you out, if he has smoked his own weed in front of you and he made you either smoke your own or not at all that is fucking selfish. I hate friends like that. He may be a "good" friend but not in that way. Give it some time.
    LOL quite irrelevant to his post.
  4. ^^ hahaha!

    OP: thats some sketchy shit. One time me and my friend were tokin up at his place. we came down to the kitchen to get food when there was a knock at the door. my friend thought it was his moms bf so he goes "come in it's open dumbass!".

    Then we hear another knock and hes like "oh my god hold on" and leaves to answer the door. I hear him talking and turn around to see a police officer at the door :eek:

    he just told us not to block the road with our vehicles and I was like "oh sorry officer we'll get right on that".

  5. Is your friends mom seriously a big enough bitch to tell your mom that you're smoking. You are 18 right?
  6. Oh no, Mommies going to find out you smoke weed!!!
    Whatever will you do!:rolleyes:
  7. Some people don't have enough money to move out. And it doesn't matter how old you are to feel like shit when you find out your parents know about you smoking weed and are ashamed of you for it.
  8. Thanks, there's one of the reasons I use this forum. I'm sorry if I seem like a loser for living at home, but I'm taking a year off before college and I don't want to get kicked out of the house. My mom probably won't help pay for college if she knows I've spent my year off smoking weed. :(
  9. parents are only ashamed because they dont fully understand why,

    it has taken my parents two years before they were able to talk to me about weed without becoming judgmental or try to stop me

    now my mom tells me dont try to grow pot in my vegetable garden,
    and my dad likes to bring up me getting drug tested at work

  10. Aside from your friend being a bitch, I don't quite see what the big deal is. The sooner your mom knows you toke the better, what's the point in having to sneak round? Just explain to her that among other things, it's far less harmless than you going out and drinking every night.
  11. Yeah , the friend sounds like a real douche. you just dont go blab to the rents about friends toking

    where do you think the cop came from exactly ? why would he ask if yer bros in rehab ?

    It would definitely be a bad idea to let the mom find out you smoke alot. they always have the worst ideas of what its doing to you. even if you could do great in college they wouldnt think so . when saving up and hittin the parents up for college funds, its certainly a good idea to maintain a good image .

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