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    In this Universe it seems that everything runs on polarity, from the hot and cold option at your nearest sink to our most adored animals companions. It seems like everything is paired up, from man and woman to light and dark. You would think that is a good thing but it's not, these polar opposites are always fighting, they never can get along.

    The infinite battle of good and evil can easily be placed here, it seems as if Light and dark can never co-exist, but on the other hand they both need the other to survive. This leads me to believe that Light isn't all that it's cracked up to be, these Lightworkers that exist want nothing more then to dispose of anything and everything that is Dark, the same for Dark Forces. The funny thing about this is without one or the other nothing would exist, so technically they are killing themselves.

    bout to get interesting............

    I had this thought in me for a while. What If the earth plays by these polarity rules, and what energy is responsible for these positive and negative pulls? My first guess was the infamous black hole playing the part as the negative pull and the life giving sun responsible for all the positive pulls. Where are they pulling us to and does this pull cause gravity? I know the probability of Something existing beyond the black hole is high,but the sun is a different story, I just can't grasp that sitting down.

    If you did'nt catch on yet I am basically saying that the sun leads to higher dimensions, while the black hole leads to lower dimensions. I am also trying to relay that gravity is caused by the constant tug of war between the Sun and it's arch enemy the black hole, I want to get into black matter but I can't, hopefully somebody will fill in the blanks for me.


  2. Hmm... well, what holds the space between atomic nuclei together? And what keeps the nuclei separate enough to be two?
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