polar pangea

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  1. a possibility? Pangea, only, rather than the land having broken apart, it will form back together. Maybe an unfathomable cataclysmic event could cause it. Maybe its all the 2012 conspiracies. It fits with the mayan calendar prophecies (an end of the world as we know it. A new beginning, all one, land becomes one). Just a random idea that run across my head and found interesting.

    please, discuss
  2. It's an interesting thought. It would be cool if so. I'd love to take a really long bus ride to Europe :D!
    If there were some sign that it's possible I'd love to hear it.
  3. i think its more one world goverment change then an enlightenment rather than an actuall one landform, in my opnion.
  4. Probably wouldn't take a cataclysmic event. If current tectonic plate trends continue then eventually they'll mash up again. IIRC the way it works is that the continents converge, break apart, then drift back together again over billions of years.

    It would take a stupendously energetic event to push them all together again in go, however. Like, people probably wouldn't survive it.

  5. aw man [end outlandish stoner-theory sequence]

    thanks for the informative post though!

    /thread lol

    unless people wanna get blazed with me and still discuss, hypothetically

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