Polar Bear

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  1. Mom & Pop Polar bear have their first son. They love, nurture and nuzzle their baby bear. Soon it is a healthy adolescent, with Polar Bear questions.
    "Am I a real Polar Bear?" the baby asks.
    "Yes dear, 100 percent Polar Bear," they reassure him.
    Months later, in a moment of doubt, the youngster asks Mommy Polar Bear, "Am I really a true Polar Bear?"
    "Yes dear, your mother and father are 100 percent Polar Bear, so you are, too."
    It was at the young Polar Bear's 1st Borthday Party that the cub blurted out to everyone, "I'm not sure I'm a real Polar Bear!!"
    "Of course you are," said Daddy Polar Bear. "Both of your parents and all four of your grandparents are 100 percent Polar Bear -- why would you think that you're not a Polar Bear?"
    "Because for the last year I've been freezing my balls off up here!"

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