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Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Jun 12, 2004.


What style do you play?

  1. Texas hold'em

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  2. Ohmaha hold'em

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  3. Seven Card Stud

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  4. Mississippi 7 card stud

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  5. Low ball

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  6. Don't play

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  1. Anyone play poker? I'm sure at least some of you, the craze seems to be sweeping the country...

    Me and my friends usually play a mini tourny of Texas Hold'em $5 to get in, then we deal out all the chips, blah blah blah...

    We usually drink instead of smoke durking poker, expect sometimes people drink just a wee bit too much. Case in point one of my buddies brothers once had all the chips but $8 (and there are a few hundred) but he was drinking so much he got piss ass wasted and lost it all... it was funny to watch, but sad at the same time :D

    So whatta play?
  2. Texas Hold Em
  3. seven card and since i dont drink much and others do.... after awhile i kick ass :D
  4. 7 card stud, 5 card draw, Texas, Blind Baseball, and a bunch of other poker related games.. We rotate the deal, and play a different game each time...
  5. texas hold'em. yes. definately. but not while sober..
  6. I play tons of poker, usually Omaha or Texas. I always suck though when I play high, so I'm usually sober for poker
  7. Ummm, I think I saw that in a movie once, does that count? :D

    Just recently I've discovered online poker, which is damn near as fun as the real thing, espeically if your playing for real money.

    The Poker Club is the best one I've found, but the most user friendly is probably ultimatebet.com
  8. i didnt like pokerclub, i like truepoker.com myself
  9. My buddies and my brother play texas hold'em all the time. Id rather lose my money to a dealer than a lucky drunk personally, but i like to play sometimes for fun.

    Alot of bars here have texas hold em tournaments all the time, i have seen buddies lose $150+ in a night, and i have seen them win that much too.
  10. Texas hold'em here as well.
  11. :hello: Poker rules.....

    We don't play it often but when we do, there's usually a lot of Whiskey involved...and often cigars...play 5 card draw usually, but 7 card stud is nice, too...
  12. I barely have the mental capicity for blackjack or go fish.

    If imma get drunk and lose my money, id rather just buy everyone some beer or buy something retarted. Last weekend my brother paid 80 bucks for a bud light neon. He bought it off the wall at the bar.

    Beer+impulse buy = great times
  13. hey that ain't a bad buy for a good neon, my dad paid $100 for a Point one, then it fell off the wall and broke less then a week later...
  14. My friend Rick and I hate playing for money (were broke) so we've convinced our other friends to play for shots instead of the usual $5 buy in (texas hold em). Its fun if there's 4 ppl playing the first one out has to take 4 shots second one out has to take 3 shots etc..

    Last time i played i won, but i felt like a looser because i wanted to get drunk with em.. oh well.

  15. more like

    play holdem+start with $10 = win $100 to spend on beer for the next month

    Yea, I play holdem style. Its soo fun, and addictive too. If you know how to play you can't loose. :rolleyes: lol. But I've been playing for awhile and I'm up. :)
  16. yeah dude poker is cool

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