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  1. So anyone else play at all?

    Cash games are the best but I don't mind a SnG or MTT.

    $1/$2 NL Hold 'Em is the game.

    Omaha isn't bad either.
  2. Just got back from the casino, actually. Like 2 hours ago. PLayed 4 hours of $2 single-blind, $5 limit Texas Holdem. Pretty fun. Nothing like the no limit $5 Small blind, $10 large blind No Limit Holdem. I made soooo much money doing that for like 2 years..... then I got robbed at a poker game at gunpoint, effectively ending my poker carreer until I turned tonight, when I played for the first time since getting robbed. Bought in for $100, left with $200. Made like $60 on Blackjack. Preety good night. I had a damn blast!
  3. I dont enjoy much more other than blazing up a blunt and playing some cards. When i was younger(3 years ago) I snuck into the borgata in atlantic city. I sat down with 200 bucks. I lost 100 of it, got pretty pissed and went and lit up a fat blunt and bought some henesse shots. Then i came back with 80 bucks left and turned that shit into 1,200.

    I love poker man. I play a lot in underground clubs in NYC but the competition is a lot rougher ther. I love going to AC or foxwoods and stealing from all the drunk college kids who suck. Not much better than a hobby that earns you money!!! I dont plan on making it a career tho cuz as ferguson once said, if your good at poker you can make more money doing something else that utilizes those skills.
  4. How can this thread NOT get more love??

    I searched for poker so I wouldn't have to make a dumb new post whilst high.

    I am playing on Stars right now and I just got AI on the turn of a MTT and hit my sweet 4 outer right on the turn.


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