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  1. Do you think there is any money to be made playin this with other kids ? Im a freshman in college so the amount of kids is endless, im sure I could find other cocky fucks to spend a good amount of money on it.

    Not really sure how I should put this together though...but its easy to hustle people and I can learn the game a little bit better...
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    HAHAHAHAHA noob i would take all your money fool. but yes there is money to be made in the poker world.

    just dont get caught up in a gambling ring selling weed like this dude did at Iowa. and always know when to quit, you dont win them all.

    if you have a account ill own your ass in a heads up match
  3. Ok youll kick my ass thats great.

    But how can I go about setting this up? and why no slangin and gambling?
  4. well the guy was selling out of his house, and i think he was growing in it. while he was hosting high stakes games(high stakes for collage students) he was asking to go to jail but i dont think your that stupid. anyway you could go to your local casino, meet people, invite them to some games. they will know people who will want to play and then your on the road to riches.

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