Pokemon X/Y for 3DS Announced

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  1. Starters look kinda dumb, legendarys look like rehashed versions of old ones IMO
  2. Must..get...3DS......:eek:
  3. Oh my God. Haven't played Pokemon in forever, but must have.
  4. :eek: Wow, and I just started working my way through B&W 2....

    Haha, years and years later and I still enjoy playing Pokemon every once in a while - I think it has something to do with my love of collecting things.

    Get really sick of people bitching about the new generations, though. Not gonna lie, I think some of the newer Pokemon are stupid as fuuuuck, but... Should just be glad we don't have to play through the same game with the same sprites over and over again. At least they're something new.

    Dunno if I'll be able to play this for a while though since I don't have a 3DS and don't plan on buying one.. gotta wait for dem emulators.
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    It is irritating that they justify constantly releasing rehashes of a game made 17 years ago by just adding new Pokemon and a few minor improvements over the game that proceeds it.

    Where is my Pokemon MMORPG?

    17 years Nintendo... 17 years....
  6. [quote name='"Full Melt"']

    It is irritating that they justify constantly releasing rehashes of a game made 17 years ago by just adding Pokemon though.[/quote]

    Not even good pokemon. They aren't even trying anymore

  7. I dunno, I say give this one a chance. Maybe it will be fucking awesome, who knows? Especially on a new system. There's like what, 500+ Pokemon now? Of course some are going to be crappy. I want to try the new gameplay mechanics (if there are any) before judging it.


    Edit: But yeah, I agree with you on the MMORPG. It needs to happen.
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    Where you getting 17 years from?

    Fuck has it been that long?

    I don't know about a mmorpg though. It might be okay but it would have to be PC and I don't see Nintendo doing a PC game. Plus they'd be about 5-8 years late if they did it now and I doubt it'd be a success honestly.

    I just want to see a console version like the GB games. Stop putting out spinoffs on your most powerful system and start using that potential for a massive Pokemon game that kills the handheld versions.
  9. I think it came out in 97 or 99
  10. It came out in 1996 in Japan.
  11. Fuck you Litwick and Galvantula were the shit
  12. This a thousand times over
  13. -applause-
  14. pokemon mmorpg wouldnt work sorry it just wouldnt if u actually think about it it wouldnt be fun

    everyone would have the same pokemon it would be stupid and not very fun. like whos gonna ever have a beedril? or a sandslash? u kno?
  15. I think all that really would take is some tweaking on how powerful certain pokemon were in relation to each other, how easy it is to level, and perhaps an enclosed starting area....

    I mean if you think about the show, most of the pokemon were pretty evenly matched unless there was a type advantage and even that could be overcome by training.

    If they started you in a random section of the game(or one you chose, but basically like say Saffron City) and you were limited to certain pokemon based on your start and it was much harder to level them(more pvp etc) then people wouldn't be as quick to switch. They also wouldn't all have the same pokemon if the game was actually made with balance in mind, half the reason people use the same lineups in pokemon battling or even tend to use the same pokemon during the story is certain ones are just much more powerful.

    Plus now there are like 600+ pokemon, legendary pokemon could be fought against raid style and I could come up with ideas for days. I think it would still be fun, it'd basically be like pokemon but with real people.... and much harder to level....... and with a character creation system........ and they could probably set it up so you could become an areas gym leader if you were badass enough.......... and........ and..... and I WANT IT NOW!!!
  16. Raid style legendary Pokemon fights, can you imagine how fuckin' epic it would be to see a buncha Pokemon attack Mewtwo at once? I personally think it'd be painfully easy to make a Pokemon MMO and I don't know why Nintendo won't do it (yes yes I know, PC is Microsoft blah blah)
    They could give Pokemon 3 different builds (tank, DPS, heals) and you can pick which talent build your Pokemon has, but overall there can be like a bunch of different builds but Pokemon are only limited to 3 based on their stats, for example:
    Chansey would be a terrible DPS so maybe there can be another whole build for CC? So Chansey would have the tank role, heals role, or CC role (crowd control) - I'm only using CC as an example, I'm sure there's something that would be better fitting.
    aaand when you beat legendaries there's only a like .1% drop rate of the legendaries Pokeball so even then the legendaries are hard to get and the servers wouldn't be overpopulated with legendaries!
    And shinnies, don't get me started. RARE SPAWNS GUYS

    I don't think people realize how friggin' easy it is! Why have Nintendo been holding back on us D: ok in done rambling lol
  17. as someone who's played every pokemon game since red and blue, i am so fucking excited for X and Y! im looking forward to the stadium-like battles more than anything though. i really wasn't expecting a new gen to come so quickly, i was leaning more to remakes of gen 3, but now i see gamefreak wanted to show us this new 3d gameplay, and i can definitely see ruby/sapphire being done in 3d, it would actually make that gen enjoyable for once (I hated hoenn), all the surfing and diving would look sick on the 3ds

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