Pokemon FireRed

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  1. Give me suggestions, I'm playing all night cause I'm working the night shift.

    I usually fuck with Squirtle, so went charmander.

    Already level 6 cause i beat my Rival! :hello:
  2. caught a Pidgey. And delivered PROF. Oaks package.

    The new pokeball, he was pleased.
  3. Catch a sandshrew for me
  4. get that snorlax, dude is a boss

    theres only like 2 in the whole game too
  5. You can beat that game with a lvl 100 caterpie.
  6. Buy the magikarp from the guy in the Poke Center at the entrance to Mt. Moon and evolve his ass.
  7. Man I remember staying up all night with my friend playing FireRed and LeafGreen. Those games are my favorite in the series.
  8. Yeah, FireRed and LeafGreen are definitely the best since they just are Red and Blue version with some extra color and a graphics update with some minor extra gameplay... Definitely my favorite two games of the series :smoke:
  9. just picked up Leaf Green again, split between Bulbasaur and Squirtle as usual. Went with Squirtle.

    Pick the Spiral Fossil. Omanyte never gets any love.
  10. haha i forgot about these, i may have to play one for the 2nd half of my day here
  11. plus u can get mewtwo in this game
  12. Grab Abra asap and evolve him into Kadabra. I walked through through that game with Kadabra, Psychic, Confusion, Psychic Beam, and Recover. Was a fuckin Baws!
  13. I wish they would remake yellow. Damn that game is awesome.
  14. i found a box last night, while looking for parts i stashed away for my RO filter....

    I opened this box... and i found a plethora of old gameboy, GBC, and GBA games... pokemon blue/red/gold among the group, maybe silver too, not so sure lol...

    I even found Links Awakening for orig gameboy lol... where the fuck did this box come from, i thought these were all lost YEARS ago when i lived with my parents and shit
  15. @SIRSOG You lucky SOB. I came across the original Golden Sun GBA game, man I fucking miss that game
  16. haha i used to have that too man, dunno if it was in there... i know fire emblem for GBA was.... and something else...

    also had DW 1 and 2 and DW:monsters, hell yea

    i have NO fucking gameboy apparently though.... sad fucking day
  17. You can play it online here:
    Play Pokemon - Yellow Version online at playR!

    You have to make an account in order to save your game but it's free.

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