Pokemon Explained

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  1. I almost laughed mid hit in my bong man, that shit was great. "So its kinda like dog fighting but with mystical animals.....uh yes." hahaha.
  2. You catch the Little Pokemans and put them in your training facility...haha.

    That shit was great thinks for the laugh.
  3. read the pokemon theory(i think its called that.) It talks about how everything in pokemon is ash's imagination. And how misty is some chick he wants to fuck and how brock represents his manhood or some shit lol.

  4. Is that the comatose thing lol? That's hilarious.
  5. The Pokemon Comatose Theory. - Aussie-Nintendo.com Forums

    Haha im reading it its pretty intense and funny

    " The split between ash's parents was likely over ash's homosexuality and some sort of incident as a catalyst, forcing his father to disown him and his mother to move out of the city and down to pallet town."
  6. That explains ALOT
  7. Yes it is really enjoyed watching it. It explained alot!

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