Pokemon emulator question?

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  1. I use the desmumE emulator and i have pokemon white version and i have a Pokemon called gurrdurr (hes like the new machoke) and he needs to be traded to evolve him but i use an emulator is there any other way i can evolve him?
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    I use the no$gba emulator, and the only way I can really think of getting a Machamp would be to use a cheat code to catch a Machamp, then go about it that way.

    Pretty sure you can't trade a machoke though on an emulator.

    Edit: Just realised you want a Gurrdurr (didn't read properly). Gurrdurr is a pretty average pokemon, pure fighting almost always is.
  3. The DS games use wi-fi to trade which doesn't work with emulators, so no.
  4. i wasnt trying to trade i was wondering if there was another way to evolve him because ive seen it done on youtube just not on an emulator but i already took him out of my strongest party :(

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