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Pokemon Bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by smoky_toky, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. My girlfriend sent me this picture of an awesome pokemon bong today. i would love to own it. she found the picture on stumble upon.

  2. That's way too legit my guess is theres gonna be some copyright problems lol
  3. Holy shit that's so fucking awesome. I was in like kindergarten or 1st grade when that show first came out, I still love the games too. I've been playing Soul Silver and Black for my little brother too haha.
  4. IF it is real... man i would love that.
    Gotta chatch em' all, right ?
  5. the upper half of the bong just looks like stickers...the bottom poke ball and the pikachu bowl piece is 100% PS'ed...so basically yeah the whole thing is a result of shitty PS....
  6. *CRASH* you hear that? that was my dreams.... way to go.
    You could of just kept quite... your totally that kid who ran around telling everyone about (SPOILER) santa.
  7. You guys can't be serious....that is some seriously shitty photoshopping. Plus, the bong looks like shit, even if it were real life ha i liked pokemon too as a kid but i would never buy this.
  8. haha becuase everyone is serious bro..
  9. if i had this bong, i would only smoke out of it a few times a year, and i would keep it in a show case and just admire it :D but thats just me
  10. dude i serious would buy this thing if it were real, or i'd pay a blower for special order on the premise of keepin it on the DL for copyright reasons... honestly my dream bong, other than the SHITTY design, like shape wise and having no perc, boo :(
  11. I've seen pokeball slides on etsy.
  12. yea i've seen some being used by some fellow GC'ers, an all out pokemon bong would actually be pretty bomb though
  13. Agreed.
  14. Thats this bong but shopped some of you guys must not be on the internets that much.

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  15. we know its shopped(or i do anyway) but it's still pretty fucking chill, and if i had the resources i'd have a blower make one for me but i can't afford to spend money on things i don't need atm
  16. i don't care, i still belive it's real. you can't kill my dreams that quickly.
  17. Its the Concept of the bong not if it were real or not. Damn i posted this a while ago
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    I think I just lost my shit.

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