Poison Ivy

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  1. I just went on a camping trip and unfortunately got into some poison ivy. It has spread all up my legs, on my arms, and chest. Its really annoying and nothing seems to help. Anyone know any ways to keep the itch to a low?
    Help is appreciated.
  2. go to the doctor I have 2 friends that just got over poison ivy and it fucked both of them up bad it just spread all over and they had puss in their skin and shit
  3. go find some poison ivy in the wilderness, be carefull not to touch it, use gloves.....

    then when your home load up a few bowls of it and toke it till its gone, this should make your body imune to the poison ivy, and it will go away within a few hours.

    DISCLAIMER: i do not assume responsibility for anybody who actually does this.
  4. I had this about 2 weeks ago and a friend of mine cut me off a piece of stem from this plant and it actually works. It's called jewelweed and it usually grows along creeks, etc.



    You just cut the stem in half and apply it to the rash and it'll clear it up in a few days. I had it all over my face (not fun) and in a few days it just cleared it all up.

  5. DO NOT DO THIS! It can seriously kill you. The inhaled smoke of poison ivy still contains urushiol and it will give you a rash on the inside of your lungs, possibly causing extreme pain or fatal respiratory problems.

    Also, urushiol cannot be spread by scratching yourself and then touching another part of the body. That's a myth. It bonds with your skin almost instantly and doesn't move. What looks like the rash spreading is actually just a delayed reaction.

    Diphenhydramine (brand name Benadryl) will get rid of the itch, but not the rash. (Plus the jewelweed that was already mentioned, but I've read that jewelweed might not actually work.)
  6. Get some Caladryl Lotion, its pink and rub it on the itchy parts. Im very allergic to poison ivy and this stuff helps alot.
  7. Ive had poison ivy a couple time and when i get it its always bad (im prob. more allergic to it then most people) and ive found that this stuff called Domeboro works the best, its this powder that u let disolve in water and wash your poison ivy with. Its prob around like 10 bucks per box tho.

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  8. you might not want to use this if you have huge patches of it but to get rid of it in like 2 days scrape it with a knife until it just starts to bleed a tiny little bit then let it scab and dry out and it will be gone in two days i swear. i found it out cause i was really baked one day and my poison ivy itched like hell so i started scratching it with my knife then i look down a minute later and i was like oh shit too much its bleeding but i realized it didnt itch anymore and it was gone very quick after that. also deoderant with antipersperant will help dry it out because of the antipersperant. those are the only two things that have helped me and i have had poison ivy so many times that now any time i know im going into the woods i put on pants or long socks so it doesnt even have the chance to touch me.
  9. Get some calamine lotion. I got poison ivy a good 6 years ago. I havent really gone deep into the woods since. TheHempress, are you sure about that it doesnt spread by scratching different parts of your body? Not to be gross or anything, but I only had touched the poison ivy with my hands. When all was said and done, everything was itching including my nuts. That was the most horrible week of my life!
  10. http://poisonivy.aesir.com/view/fastfacts.html

    So I wasn't entirely right. You can still spread it if there is some of the oil on your hands, but simply rubbing a rash will not spread it.
  11. the spreading by touching is basicaly you can touch it and spread it if you havent washed the area since you touched the plant. if you have it and have taken a shower after touching the plant you can no longer spread it but you obviously touched your nuts before washing the toxin off your hands.
  12. Ive been taking benadryl, taking oatmeal baths, and using 4 different kinds of anti-itch creams, and nothing is working...:mad:
  13. I was talking to my uncle about poison ivy a while back, and he told me a story about when he and a friend pulled a brown vine and got ivy all over their bodies. He said he went on a family vacation to the beach a couple of days later, and the salt water completley dried up all of the aroucial oils. He said the visible sores were still there for the about the same time, but it didnt itch at all anymore because the oils got dried up by swimming in the salty ocean water for a couple hours.
  14. if you dont want to use a knife scratch it real hard and go swimming at a hotel pool cause they have so much chlorine in the water that will also dry it up faster but i guess any pool would work to. or you could skip the scratching and just swim alot but breaking the skin before you expose it to the chlorine helps a whole lot

  15. This works great! Go to your local pharmacy and pick this up. I've used this a few times and this works really well.
  16. acutally you`ll get it in your lungs and die my enighbor did that unintentionally because he was burning brush and nearly died lol
  17. Go to your local pharmacy and ask for Domeboro. Follow the directions. Also buy some Benedryl gel it should be by the calamine lotion. They both work great and the ben. works GREAT for the itch. I have tried everything out there and this is the best that I have come up with. It works for everyone I know. I always have both on hand.. I could walk by poison ivy and get it... w/o touching it.. Hope this helps!
    Just noticed that it was already mentioned! Also Benedryl works wayyyyy better than calamine lotion.. DON'T scratch it either cause it will make it more itchy and you will scar.

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